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There are many sick pages condoning animal cruelty on social media (Facebook) but none more so than a fake Countryside Issues page that only exists to abuse, bully, intimidate and spread lies about animal lovers and especially animal welfare campaigners like myself. There are lots of other pages and websites too that insult and bully anyone who dares to speak out against their brutal treatment of animals but the fact these twisted people are able to carry on speaks volumes about society, not to mention police inactivity.

I have literally 'thousands' of screen shots proving just how abusive and deeply nasty these people can be! I will not let them stop me campaigning against animal cruelty - exposing hunt brutality is top of my agenda.

If like me you are sick of Facebook, then leave - I will be leaving their abusive and unregulated pages of diatribe as soon as a police investigation into death threats against me have been dealt with. If everyone with a conscience left this rotten to the core social media outlet then FB would have to bring in proper regulations and stop evil animal abusers using fake profiles to bully and threaten others without redress.  Judi 



The last three years have been hell - here is a taste of some of the abuse that the police refused to deal with in 2015/16!
Here is the first of many abuses - the cruelty to this poor fox is evident and the continued lies, threats and attacks towards anti-hunt people like myself is never ending...
The following is a comment from Cai Lawson on a Facebook page called countryside Capers - a page that pretends to be both pro and anti, you decide?