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Supported on this day by two former hunt monitors, Dafydd and Emma.



June 22nd 2016

 I was cleared of harassing the Flint & Denbigh hunts terrier man Smith but lost on the assault prosecution, now spent!. The fact I never actually assaulted Smith -  there was no video proof that I did either -  did not deter Judge Geraint Walters and two magistrates from deciding that I was guilty.

Here is an account of what happened on that fateful day and all that has happened since as a result of being pursued by the police and the CPS.

TO BE CONTINUED..... January 27th 2017. NOTE - Still awaiting the verdict from Professional Standards regarding the conduct of certain officers during their 2014 investigation of me that led to my being prosecuted for harassment and assault of a terrier man. The harassment was later thrown out on appeal but the ludicrous assault charge remained. I will expose all the nonsense that led to over two years of hell when Professional Standards have finally come to a conclusion..

February 17th 2017 - Still no sign of any outcome - unbelievable!.

March 27th 2017 - STILL WAITING, sigh! 




Part 1 [of 3] of Denise's brilliant anti-hunt documentary 'A Minority Pastime' is now online. Part 2 will be up on April 3rd.



It would seem so! See the following comments from Judy Gilbert, POWA!

Whats on my mind? Countryfile!
Countryalliancefile or Party Political broadcast on behalf of the Countryside Alliance – Take your pick.

Well I’ve seen some biased reporting on hunting in the media before, but last nights Countryfile takes the prize. And the award for the most pro-hunt propaganda programme broadcast by the media goes to the BBC for ... drum roll … Countryfile!

How heartbreaking that the BBC continue to misrepresent the reality of hunting with dogs and all the animal suffering that continues in direct contravention of the spirit of the Hunting Act.

I’m shocked that 85% of the time was given to hunting fraternity propaganda and barely15% to all those campaigners and the huge majority of the British public who are strongly against this so called sport and the sham of ‘trail hunting,’ These people were not given a chance to redress the balance of this completely biased and appalling piece of journalism.

Your journalists did not question statements made by the hunt, taken as gospel and even reinforced by your journalists nodding in apparent appreciation of the lies they were being fed.

Time and again the propaganda spewed by hunters has been shown to be lies but you hardly questioned the nonsense spouted by them.

Why didn’t Countryfile go out with the Monitors and Saboteurs to provide some balance to the piece, which would have shown the truth and reality of their so-called ‘trail hunting.’? Countryfile could have discovered the continual menacing behaviour perpetrated by hunt supporters on anyone who tries to gain evidence of illegal hunting.

I do hope that the general public are more intelligent and are not so gullible as to swallow this horrid spin and will be able to see through this utterly and disgraceful piece of biased journalism.

As a hunt monitor who knows the truth of the appalling cruelty and the flouting of the law, the piece made me feel literally sick. Every hunt I monitor continues to hunt foxes in the same way as they did before the ban came into effect. I.e. They enter hounds into coverts where they know foxes to be living, flush the foxes out, shout Tally Ho and encourage the hounds to chase the foxes for miles before taking pleasure in the kill. I’ve witnessed a Huntsman putting the cut tail of the fox, his hounds has just killed, into his jacket. What dastardly thing was he going to do with this? Blood the faces of the children at their first kill?

Why was anti-hunt film, which is wildly available and also offered to your researchers, not shown? For example, showing a hunt monitor being violently wrestled to the ground by a hunter? Where was the film of the numerous kills where the hounds are literally tearing the fox apart whilst still alive, watched by excited hunters and followers? You showed just a very few seconds. Shame on you.

No, just acres of sanitized and benign images of hounds and their puppies, accompanied by gushing commentaries by the sycophantic Matt Baker et al. (Incidentally where was the mother hound? No explanation of why the pups were on their own, looking distressed and lonely).

You could have researched and broadcast the reality of their lives instead of just showing cute puppies and handsome hounds. Those puppies that do not make the grade and the mature hounds that cannot keep up with the pack are killed by the hunt because they are no longer of any use. How about questioning the morality of this?

Though I do concede that Tom Heap did ask some pertinent questions of the hunt, nothing they said was questioned or backed up by any facts or evidence. I found this disgraceful. Tom said that “the Beaufort were struggling to control foxes” since the ban.
What! Most hunts still build artificial fox earths in their territory to encourage foxes to breed to ensure a ready supply of foxes to hunt. This is well researched and documented so why do Countryfile ignore this?

Sadly, it is what we have come to expect from the BBC on this subject but this Countryfile must be one of the worst pieces of Countryside Alliance propaganda that I have witnessed.

Appalled and disgusted,
In despair,
Judy Gilbert



Rev James Thompson, who was known as ‘Animal Padre’,  has died at the age of 84 and hailed as a true gentleman

Rev James Thompson or Animal Padre died on January 30, aged 84
Rev James Thompson or Animal Padre died on January 30, aged 84

Tributes have been paid to a “much-loved” reverend and animal rights campaigner who has died, aged 84.

James Thompson from Holywell – or ‘Animal Padre’ as he was known locally – passed away on January 30 following a short illness.

He founded the group Christians Against All Animal Abuse, was a patron of Padeswood-based Capricorn Animal Rescue and for many years led the worship of Remembrance Sunday at the Animals In War Memorial in London.

The Venerable John Lomas, Archdeacon of St Asaph and former Vicar of Holywell, said: “James was a lovely man and a real gentleman who was very much loved in the Parish of Holywell – particularly at Holy Trinity Church in Greenfield where he would take services from time to time.

“He was passionate about animal rights and most people knew him through the pet cemetery in Holywell.

“James was always very kind to those who had lost their pets and he will be fondly remembered as ‘the Animal Padre’.”

Close friend and animal rights campaigner Judi Hewitt, from Rhyl, said James had “touched the hearts of many people”.

She added: “A man I simply called ‘The Rev’ would often give me words of advice and encouragement when all seemed so dark. I don’t know what I will do without his wisdom and support.

“Yes, we had a the odd disagreements regarding politics but we shared the same contempt for animal cruelty.

“The Rev Thompson founded Christians Against all Animal Abuse and he did this to try to get his message across in newsletters that animals are not ours to abuse – that they are all creatures of God just as we are.

“It was James who instigated the morning services at the Animals Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday for the forgotten victims of war. One Christmas I even recall him going solo as he carried a heavy billboard around his neck urging people to boycott factory farmed chickens and turkeys.

“He supported many activists who were fighting against animal testing, factory farming, the fur trade, blood sports, and the circus – the list goes on.

“And it should never be forgotten that James conducted many animal blessing services with the help of his wife Doreen.

“But I was lucky enough to count The Rev as one of my best friends and I am going to miss him very much.”

Sheila Stewart, who runs Capricorn Animal Rescue, said: “He became a great friend of the charity. He was the patron but he was much more than that.

“He was a true gent in every sense of the word. I’ve never met a man so caring as he was – he was so dedicated to animal welfare. He always went that extra mile.”

Rev Thompson was ordained in 1966 and served his ministry in various parts of England and Scotland before retiring to Holywell in 1995.

He was given the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate that year which meant he could take services in the Diocese of St Asaph from time to time.

Badger Dafydd, me, the Rev James and RSPCA rep 2013

What will I do without your support James?


January 31st 2015

Last night my very good friend the Reverend James Thompson died in Bodelwyddan Hsp after a fairly short illness. He was my hero and my friend and now James has gone.

His love of animals also earned him the nickname Animal Padre and his fight for animals brought him great sorrow at times because of mans indifference. Doreen his devoted wife was always at his side as he protested against mans inhumanity to animals. Doreen was and will always be his soul mate.

I recently lost my faith because of recent events and I know that James would be trying to explain to me right now how God will one day punish the wicked. He often told me that God loved me and I'm ashamed to say I have lately forgotten those encouraging words and doubted the love.

James, you yourself are loved by so many people, including Bob my husband and me. I personally am devastated by your passing. 

Please look after Doreen won't you? And please keep a watchful eye over me as I try to continue your work as a voice for the voiceless.

Judi, forever your friend XX



Foxes are diminishing fast here, if my observations are correct!

See my comments in red below the following vile message from EXTREME HUNTER to another of his kind.


    Extreme Hunter

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Posted Yesterday, 09:45 PM

Its openly available and its always the white swan in Tarporley mate, its more of a show of support that day mate and if its a day out you are after then you need to be approved by a known member, there are 2hunts in Cheshire by the way, the Shropshire is very active this time of year and the flint and Denby can be quite welcoming, WM

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Continued - Acccording to a message from one ardent supporter of digging out foxes, the Flint and Denbigh can be quite welcoming to new terrier-men from outside of North Wales. That figures since some outside terrier boys head this way on meet days.  I can't say that I'm surprised about others coming here to enjoy a hunting day with them because I've seen new faces cosying up with the hunts bully boys all the time and its getting much worse for decent compassionate people who protest the wickedness. 

I myself was bullied on the only two occasions I've been out hunt monitoring this season. The police sgt from Denbigh told me that the hunt employ people to liaise with hunt monitors and sabs. Does liaise mean the same as bullying then? It is always these same so called 'paid' hunt stewards and invited terrier-men that do the approaching not the sabs and certainly not me.  Just to add these hunt supporters are anything but polite.

The thing is, when I am on a public footpath the hunt has no right to harrass and intimidate me and they have NO right to move me on - I am perfectly entitled to stop for refreshments and to take in the view. I am also entitled to protest an illegal activity. But these monsteous supporters of the hunt are getting more vile with each passing week -  it's just a matter of time before they seriously hurt someone. 

How could any 'respectable' female rider be part of a hunt that uses terrier-men and bully boys? There can surely be no pride in riding with a hunt that abuses people to conserve some selfish cruelty.

You the public should question why the hunt needs terrier-men at all if all they do is trail hunt? And why do they need to employ people to engage with sabs and monitors like me unless it's to stop people like me from gathering intelligence to prove they are still full on fox hunting, just as they did pre ban.

More on this abuse in the coming weeks - and boy oh boy, do I have a personal story to tell!


Exhausted fox - seen as an object for vile and barbaric hunters

hunters searching through gorse and they call this trail hunting!!!!


November 18th 2014

Against my better judgement I went out to monitor the hunt at Gwaenysgor, alone. I knew there were three people out, two of them former colleagues of mine but they were on the opposite side of Golden Grove, but the third person with them hates my guts more than he does the hunt. The reason, because his wife began a personal vendetta against me because I questioned why hunt sabs refuse to report every assault. Anyway this meant there would be no chance of anyone being there to back me up should I become a target. And this is precisely what happened. I'd walked down a track as far it went and positioned myself between the wood and the hillside. About an hour and a half later I heard the familiar sound of a land rover heading my way. I was feeling nervous anyway because I was just days away from being sentenced at Magistrates court.

The land rover stopped and I recognised the two people inside as hunts people I'd met many times before. At this was I was feeling extremely angry because one of them had allowed racist comments against me on his FB page. Plus I knew these hunt supporters were only there to try to prevent me from gathering intelligence of illegal hunting. The male steward jumped out of his vehicle and began to approach me so I walked away telling him not to bother me but he persisted until I warned him that I would report him for harassment if he continued! He then went into some kind of 'false' panic mode saying, "You won't go round to my mothers house will you, she's all alone."I just looked at him in astonishment and said, "Are you for real? Christ almighty, you really do have a problem." At this he left and I walked a little further up the path and sat on a style over looking the hillside with my camera poised. The land rover drove back and past me up the track so I stayed rooted for what felt like an eternity. I was starting to feel concerned that my husband would found out that I was out hunt monitoring against his wishes and more worryingly those of my barrister, so I rang one of my former colleagues and told her that they should be get over to my side of the grove because this is where if anywhere they would find found the hounds in cry and the hunt onto a fox. I told them I had been patrolling this track for nearly three hours but that I had to leave because my husband was due to finish work early, 4pm.  About half an hour later I was relieved to see these former colleagues driving towards me along the track and they stopped briefly to speak to me. The man whose wife apparently despises me turned his back, so I proceeded to tell my former friend where they needed to be then I made my way back to my car that was parked in the village. A little while later I received a text to say they had seen a fox on the track and that the hunt appeared to be searching on the adjoining hillside. Judging by the way the poor thing was panting (see photo) it was clearly showing signs of extreme distress and no wonder after being chased out of its refuge by rampaging hounds. The hunt as I had expected were seen searching for a fox through thick gorse on the hillside next to the track.

I had been out monitoring along this track from about 11/30pm until almost 3pm - the hunt always operate this stretch and they always find a fox here. I would have stuck around to face the music back home if the others hadn't turned up.   

But I felt reassured knowing that others were out trying to provide some protection for any vulnerable foxes around. And the fact they had arrived on this notorious side of the Grove meant I could head for home knowing they would try to save any terrified animals from a horrible death by covering their tracks. 

A lengthy chase can be lethal for any fox even if it escapes its tormenters - some can die an agonising death days later from the stress - this is when their muscles go into spasm and they are unable to breathe leading to a very painful death. Hopefully this fox did not have to endure such a lengthy chase. But this torment is just one more reason to strengthen the hunting act.  

My court case has been a bloody nuisance, it has meant that I have had to stay away from most meets just in case the hunt tried to set me up. But my involvement with a certain sab group has also highlighted the disrespect of people I thought were my friends. It seems animal rights people can be every bit as vicious as those that enjoy abusing animals. In the case of animal rights - they just enjoy abusing those in their ranks who become too well known for their work. I think its called petty jealousy!.

9th November 2014

I was fortunate to be present at a remembrance service conducted by the wonderful Rev James Thompson today. With Doreen his wife at his side he gave prayers for the forgotten victims of war, the animals, many of whom were abused in the service of mankind. Horses were forced into battle with many cut down on the battle field. The distressed cries of horrifically injured animals so upset many service-men that the army decided to have the voice boxes removed from their horses so that suffering soldiers in the trenches would not be panicked. It is hard to imagine how these animals must have felt, effectively gagged, with no way to express their fear and pain when horribly mutilated by gun fire and mortar attack. Animals were drawn into conflicts created by mankind to destroy other men - such obscenities could only ever be dreamt up by human kind.

The Rev had made the memorial service in London at the animals cenotaph his own - but due to circumstances beyond his control could not make the journey to London this year. London's loss was our gain when the Rev decided to give prayers and thanks in Holywell to the animal victims of war.

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Saturday 8th December 2014

According to former colleagues, some terrier 'boys' are still following the Flint & Denbigh hunt on quads complete with terrier boxes, and yesterday they were seen carrying three muddy spades, this despite the fact this hunt claim they only trail hunt, yes, of course you do! I have never seen this hunt laying a 'legitimate' trail yet, NEVER, not in ten years since the ban was made law! 

The only reason hunts tolerate terrier-men is because they are useful to them. It doesn't matter that some of them come from rough council estates and some even from outside of North Wales. As long as these people are willing to come here to abuse our wildlife and bolt a few foxes for them, what does it matter? Well it matters to people like me who abhor deliberate animal cruelty - and believe me it is deliberate abuse because most foxes are killed for nothing more than pleasure - joy for the hunter and fun for the terrier-men.

Looking forward to getting back out. I also understand the law now, inside out! Good always comes out of something evil.

It appears I am a psychopath, according to those whose idea of fun is torture to death innocent animals. If I was a psychopath, they would have something to worry about, wouldn't they? Stupid, ridiculous people. They really do need to grow up and stop bullying decent, HONEST, people like me.




Here is a photo I took at Mostyn in 2012 of a hunt supporter (steward) who was helping the Flint & Denbigh Hunt I presume to prevent me from gathering intelligence on illegal hunting.

As you can see from the photo he was sexually harassing me - grabbing his private parts is sexual harasment. We were two females and one male on a public footpath inside a wood. Yet the police, who attended on the roadside after I'd called them out, dismissed the incident without a word saying that the hunt could follow us around if they wished, there was no law against it. When I showed one of the officers the photo they just shrugged it off! Back then I trusted the judgement of the police so I let it go.

I have suffered so much abuse since then at the hands if this hunt and nothing has ever been done about it. One law for the hunt and another for us or so it seems.

What we are having to put up with while monitoring this hunt is now out of control. The hunt appears to have allies within the police at Denbigh and it is becoming more and more clear to me that we have no rights at all out there. 

Steps are going to have to be taken by the police heirachy to ensure that any abuse instigated towards any anti-hunt monitors by hunt supporters is taken seriously in future. This unfair policing cannot be allowed to go on unchecked.


What kind of people get their jollies off insulting people and displaying their number plates? Hunting people apparently! It's not enough that they get their sick thrills torturing wild animals to death by setting a pack of dogs onto them - they also feel the need to be vile towards people who abhor their deliberate animal abuse.

As for my being accused of being a soap dodging anti by a very stupid person - I can only assume that my accuser is afraid of jumping into the shower like some others connected to hunting/farming. One of them actually admitting to me that he didn't have time to clean his teeth or have a wash in the morning.  its a pity many hunts people don't do what they accuse anti-hunt people like me of not doing.

Whoever wrote that nonsense on Hunting Life really should get a life - oh, and a good wash!!


August 28th 2014

Since when did a terrier-man become a countryman? After all you could say that any man who lives in rural Denbighshire is a countryman but most men don't go digging out terrified foxes or (and) badgers - so I ask again, when did a terrier-man become known as a countryman? I can only assume it is meant to bring some respectability to terrier- me
n and their associates by distancing terrier- work from the associated cruelty. In other words to mask the dreadful nature of terrier-work in the eyes of the public. It can't work because a terrier-man is a terrier-man, and terrier-work is obscenely cruel no matter how much you try to disguise it with a name change. Its a bit like the cubbing season now known as autumn hunting - it changes nothing because the public still conjures up an image of obscene cruelty. Do these blood thirsty people really think a name changes anything?

Black terrier encouraged to attack this fox - only a sick mind enjoys this sadistic cruelty?



It is an excellent read full of truth, unlike the cruel hunt rabble, who can only tell lies!!

August 10th 2014

Animal Cruelty Investigation Group/Animal Welfare Information Service
PO Box 8, Halesworth Suffolk IP19 0JL

web site: www.acigawis.org.uk 

Drawing on lessons from our history to strengthen our present and future campaigns Dear Supporter, Greetings from a wet and windy Suffolk. Welcome to the first of our new e-mail circulars. These are sent to partly replace the campaigning work that I used to do on Facebook. Attached image rating: Cute, viewable by all. Current UK hunting situation[All hunters claim to be only ever hunting legally. They claim that anything they are seen to do that might appear otherwise is only evidence of an accident. Anyone who has seen hunting in the UK in recent years will know the truth. Purely for ease of language – to save unwieldy stuff such as “hunting by people who used to hunt mink” this section is written as if it were before the Hunting Ban]Minkhunting is in full swing with the hunters using a variety of excuses to justify their activities. Because of the protection afforded to the otter – and the welcome return of otters to our rivers - it is hard to see how any riverside hunting with hounds can be legal. Hunt saboteur groups across the country are struggling to contain this bloodsports menace that could continue through to October.Hunt saboteurs from across the country were in action yesterday, August 9th, thwarting the plans of the Teme Valley and Three Counties minkhounds to have a joint meet in the West Midlands. Reports indicate that the hunters did not appreciate being forced to obey the law.Staghunting is underway on and around Exmoor and the Quantocks. The hunters use a variety of excuses to justify their hunting of red deer – at this time of year they hunt Autumn stags.Foxhunting. With the crops rapidly being harvested this will soon be underway with dawn starts for the traditional cubhunting. Under severe pressure from hunt saboteur groups determined to enforce the Hunting Act it is likely that many hunts will use the ploy of going cubhunting late in the afternoon rather than the early morning. Whenever they hunt they will be very secretive.Harehunting. As with foxhunting when the crops are in the harehunters will be looking to start – again for the first few weeks very early in the morning.Harecoursing. We are now going on to full guard against hare coursing in East Anglia. The crops are in and the coursers are known to be looking for their fun at the expense of harmless hares.When hunters are challenged as to why if they are only trail hunting they still have crack of dawn starts they offer two main explanations: firstly that in summer the scent is better in the early morning; secondly that they are trying to maintain hunting traditions. Tip for Hunt SaboteursA) Buy the proper hunting horn and learn to blow it. If you want to save the lives of illegally hunted animals it is one of the best investments of time and money that you can make. A lone saboteur, competent with the hunting horn and wise to the ways of our countryside can completely destroy an illegal hunt. But a word of caution – don’t expect the hunters to thank you for keeping their hunting legal! Philip Wayre 1921-2014I am sad to report the death on June 29th of Philip Wayre. Founder and Chairman of the Otter Trust based at Earsham – just down the road from me – Philip did more than any other single person to bring our native otters back to the rivers of Britain. It is easy to forget now but back in the 1970s these endearing creatures were brought to the very brink of extinction by a combination of urbanisation of our river systems, farming practices and hunting for sport. Thanks to the hard work of Philip and his colleagues at the Otter Trust this situation has been reversed to the point where there is evidence of otters again right across the UK. The animal has regained its birth-right. Attached to this e-mail is an image of an otter at the Otter Trust.All activists know the satisfaction we getting from saving the life of a single creature. Here in the UK Philip Wayre enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that he and his colleagues had saved a whole species.And what were the hunters doing at this time? Here is the plea from local huntsman Charles Corner in 1976:-“Help me to kill a few otters this season and I think that next year we will shake the pessimists by showing just how many there are about. We have been keeping a low profile for too many years now, and there is nothing quite like a pack of hounds that is catching otters, to show sport every day we go out. I am taking steps to bring this about, belated perhaps, but I realise that successful hunts don’t just happen, they are made by their members and masters................Good hunting    Charles Corner”(“Message from the Master” by Charles Corner, Master Eastern Counties Otterhounds [1974-76], Spring 1976)And here is the political threat from the late Marcus Kimball:-“Let me warn you that if any attempt is made to add the Otter to the list of protected animals, my friends and I in Parliament will argue every clause in the Bill over and over again and add every other animal and extraneous reforms so that the proposal will eventually be talked out.” (Marcus Kimball, M.P. for Gainsborough and at the time Chairman of the BFSS talking at the Otter Conference held by the Joint Otter Group 22/6/1977 reported in HOWL No.9 Autumn 1977. Page 1) Veterinary U-turn?Anyone campaigning at the front line for animal welfare knows that there is almost no form of institutionalised animal abuse that will not have some vet prepared to step forward to justify it. Foxhunting, staghunting, harecoursing all have vets queuing up to excuse and justify them. As do vivisection, circuses, zoos and factory farms. However, recent comments from veterinary leaders brings future unquestioned support into doubt. This followed a hearing of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) disciplinary committee after which a vet – Oliver Lown from Kesgrave, Suffolk – who was filmed having sex with a dog and a horse was found guilty of five charges and was struck off. Delivering the findings, Professor Noreen Burrows, Chair of the Disciplinary Committee said: “The committee has no doubt the conduct was of the utmost seriousness, the material found in his possession and his own conduct involved the abuse of animals and a total lack of respect for their welfare.”Here is a link to a relevant press report:-  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2709521/Vet-sex-dog-horse-boasted-online-struck-off.html Can we look forward to a time when any vet who participates in, encourages or condones the abuse, tormenting or killing of an animal either for fun or without any valid and justifiable reason is similarly struck-off? Somehow I doubt it. What a world we live in.
It was reported on August 5th that police in Essex are hunting the driver of a car on the A13 who threw four kittens from a car, one after another. Three were killed but a fourth survived when another motorist stopped to rescue him. 
A taxidermist was caught in Mexico with a live lion, monkey and two crocodiles hidden in the back of his truck. He admitted that he intended to stuff them but rather than shoot them and thereby harm their skins he was starving them to death. 
An Italian shooting champion has gone on trial accused of using live cats for target practice and killing at least two. Alberto Caroselli, 49, a bronze medal winner at national level and a regional champion, was charged after police examined dead cats near the range he owns in Tuscany. He denies the charge and says he is the victim of a vendetta by neighbours seeking to have his shooting range closed. Here is the link to the press report:-   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/11003001/Italian-shooting-champion-on-trial-for-using-live-cats-as-target-practice.html From the archivesThis is from the report of the Inaugural Public Meeting of the League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports on November 25th 1924 at the Church House, Westminster. The Chairman, Sir George Greenwood, moved the following resolution to the meeting: “That this Inaugural Public Meeting of the League for the Prohibition of Cruel Sports registers its emphatic protest against all sports of hunting an animal to death for human pleasure, and calls upon the Government to introduce, or to support if introduced by a private Member of Parliament, ‘legislation to prohibit such sports, and, more particularly at the present time, the sports of rabbit-coursing, otter-hunting, and the hunting of deer, whether carted or wild, on the ground of the cruelty involved, and also because such sports are prejudicial to the true interests of the community.’”Note how even from these early days the Parliamentary attack on bloodsports was on the twin grounds of the cruelty and the harm it does to the community. Note also how rabbit-coursing has yet to be banned by law!! Valuable ArchiveFor students of the history of the animal rights movement here is a link to a detailed archive of publications and magazines:http://thetalonconspiracy.com/the-complete-library/ In nine months we will have a new Government here in the UK. The bloodsports rabble are already campaigning hard for their candidates – we have to not only match their efforts we have to far exceed them. Please help me to spread the facts far and wide by encouraging your friends and colleagues to join our e-mail contact list by sending me an e-mail. Thank you.These e-mail circulars will be sent as and when I have useful information to pass on. Any feedback on them, any comments, corrections or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You should all have received our latest ACIG News Bulletin 50 – if you did not please let me know. Best wishes, Mike Huskisson 

Mark Francis on social network with cubs. He's on record saying that I should have died as a child.

Brutality by cowards towards a fox.


May 1st 2014

I have already begun campaigning against terrier-work and hundreds of leaflets have already been handed out on the streets of North Wales to a shocked public. My petition is already in the thousands and I hope to take my petition to MP's should we get a compassionate government at the next general election. I will be supporting other campaign group who already lobby at Westminster and have a great deal of experience when it comes to the sadistic nature of this vile so called hobby. With the three major groups taking charge I can only hope they make an impact and destroy the evil that is terrier-work once and for all. No more will the land owner/fox hunter be able to claim he is protecting pheasants, when in fact he is just using the game keepers exemption as an excuse to bolt foxes and/or give their hunt lackeys a bit of fun foxing in exchange for their services as hunt worker. No more will the terrier-men followers (lap dogs and thugs) be able to tag onto the tail of the hunt to get their blood fix. Changes are taking place people and I for one cannot wait for a time when I can enjoy the beauty of the countryside without coming across psychopaths at work. 

masked up hunt supporters of the Flint & Denbigh hunt...


January  Saturday, 25th 2014

Hunt supporters connected to the Flint & Denbigh are suspected of slashing three tyres on two of our vehicles (we suspect it may have been the occupants of the pictured vehicle because they were seen hovering around our cars around the time of the incident, plus these hunt supporters and suspected terrier-men pounced on me when I was trying to locate my friend who had fled into a wood). 

The criminal damage to our vehicles was reported to the police and will be kept on file as yet more abuse by this hunt. All data is important to prove how this hunt are becoming more and more menacing.

But whatever happens, it will not stop us from doing our best to gather yet more evidence of  cruel and illegal fox hunting, and if we can save the life of a single fox just by being present, then this is a real bonus.

But these hunt barbarians have no empathy for anyone who does not agree with fox hunting, or indeed any animal not even their own horses, because if they had, they would not take them out onto boggy fields and cover where they are likely to be hurt and crippled.



10th October 2013

Feeling a little nervous about the long day/night ahead as Betty and I left heavy rain behind in North Wales to take the long drive to Gloucestershire to face God knows what in the cull zone. We reached our destination at 5/45pm and the sun was out - I took this as a good sign. We met with two of the protesters who showed us the area we were expected to cover and what we should do in the event of meeting the police and any marksmen. We said our farewells to these two lovely people and took up our position. We had to familiarize ourselves with the area we would be covering because everything looks very different at night. So with the prospect of patrolling footpaths from now until 7am we set about checking our equipment and provisions. And to pass the time we watched in awe at the evening sky as it slowly changed from sunset to one of the blackest and starriest skies we'd ever seen. We half expected a quiet night because a few of the protesters talked about the odd uneventful night. We looked up at the night sky with its trillions of stars and milky way and thought its going to be anything but uneventful. With head torches on full beam and our hand held torches clutched tightly we proceeded along the footpath. Betty has slightly impaired hearing so she didn't hear the sound of the single shot of rifle fire behind us in the distance. We stopped to listen for more but it went quiet. I made a mental note of the time, it was 9.10pm but as were about to head down the footpath for the umpteenth time I heard two gun shots coming from the far side of the field that we had been about to enter - it was now 9.25pm. Again we stopped to listen but all was quiet again. I recall thinking that if a badger had been shot and injured it would be screaming - we were grateful not to bare witness to that but we knew that it was part of our job to report any of these to the wounded badger patrol.

Betty Lee in Gloucestershire

Again the night went very quiet but we kept our head torches flashing to warn any marksmen that we were about. Then high on the brow of the hill just above a badger sett about 300 metres away in the field next to ours we saw a single dot of vivid red - we took this to be the infra red beam of a rifle scope. I called to the marksman that there were people in the field and would he please stop pointing his rifle in our direction - he ignored us and carried on. By this time I was feeling quite frightened - having a red dot pointing your way is unnerving. This went on for another five minutes then we noticed another red dot heading towards the first one so this meant there were two of them in the field but the addition of torch light (in front of the tree favoured by the local shooter) meant there were possibly three. It was now 9.35pm but the red dots were still being pointed in our direction and by now we were getting really agitated. We screamed at them to stop pointing their rotten weapons our way or we would call the police. A few minutes later those red dots disappeared and all was inky black again. Shortly after this I had a text from a protester telling us to get out of the field because an angry farmer with some police officers were headed our way. As we made our way out of the field in the opposite direction, careful not to step off the footpath, we met a large group of people - at first we were unsure as to who they were but then it became clear that we had bumped into the wounded badger patrol. After introductions we left and found ourselves on the lane about half mile from Betty's car. As we made our way back along the lane we came across three police patrol cars and went over the talk to them - they were very friendly and told us that we were not breaking any laws as long as we stuck to the footpaths. They also said that the shooters had been advised to leave the area because badger cull protesters were operating in the area and there was a safely issue. A little later on as we once more pounded the footpath we again met with the wounded badger patrol - a very visible and highly organised group of about a dozen young men and women who had responded to my earlier calls that marksmen had taken up position in the fields where we were walking. As we talked a dog fox gave out a series of unearthly shrieks so loud you'd swear he was just feet away. We talked to the WBT for a while then headed off in the opposite direction. Some of them had to leave shortly after 2am because they had work in the morning but we were given their emergency numbers should anything happen, plus we were told that others would be replacing them. Those others were fit retired people who came on duty around 3am. I think we must have met around thirty people along that footpath at some time or other, it was quite surreal - really odd to be meeting lots of people strolling around after 2am, yet at the same time it seemed quite natural.

By 3/15 I was really feeling the cold so we went back to the car to get my thick fleecy dressing gown - I didn't care who saw me in it after all it was bitingly cold by now and the incredible stars had lost some of their magic. Then once more we made our way along the footpath, by now thinking we could do this blind fold, but I was beginning to feel very tired. Betty on the other hand was as fresh as a daisy but then Betty wasn't suffering a post viral infection. To my relief a badger patrol lady, who wanted to join us for the rest of the night, said that we should head back to the car and drive around looking for the NFU's hired vehicles (that all shared the same first three digits) to see if the shooters were elsewhere in our designated area - I didn't need asking twice. Once the engine warmed up it was all I could do to keep my eyes open but Betty still very alert drove round looking for evidence of shooting but we found none so settled to just enjoying the sight of our headlights bouncing off the twisty bendy shapes of trees as we slowly drove around. A solitary healthy looking badger ambled into view and disappeared into the trees - we were ecstatic. Other patrollers had already said that nobody had seen a single badger in all the time patrolling this cull area - we were honoured then!. Just after 4/15pm we were joined by another protester who had just come on duty and said he would be staying until after 7am. 

We kept watch until about 5am and then sat quietly in the car - nobody was saying much - we just kept watch. But I couldn't help feeling relief as dawn approached and the sun popped up over the horizon. I have to admit to feeling absolutely whacked out but Betty who was still as fresh as ever at 6am (I swear she's not human) decided to walk the path once more and I'm guessing to try out her new walkie talkie's. By the time she got back to the car it was 6.50 and with no sign of tiredness (on the part of Betty) we drove out of the area taking our good new friend to her car before making our way to the nearest services to freshen up and get some breakfast before heading back to North Wales and home.


Having met with the protesters in Gloucestershire I was blown away by their sense of compassion. I never realised there were so many people out in different parts of Gloucestershire from all walks of life patrolling this cull zone. I felt very proud to be a part of this anti-cull patrol if only for one very long night. These lovely people have made me realise how generous of spirit many people are to give up their creature comforts to try to help stop the persecution of badgers. I can see how the number of protesters is likely to grow ever larger in the lead up to the next dreaded cull  The people I met were not layabouts - they are just hard working and dedicated people from all walks of life prepared to do shifts in order to protect their badgers. There were people from all over the country, Wales, Durham, Somerset, Devon, London and many locals from the Gloucestershire area, all angered by the cruelty being imposed on what they see as badgers being victimised for a cull that has turned out to be a spectacular failure. All have said that cattle should be vaccinated but believe farmers will not allow it because it will affect their exports. Meanwhile badgers are having to be vaccinated even though a very small proportion actually have TB. The whole badger cull set up is a monumental disaster.

Judi Hewitt


August 30th Swpt 2013

News coming in from the cull zones in Somerset is that badgers have been heard and recorded screaming in pain after guns were heard blasting away. Dogs too appear to be involved in tracking badly injured badgers. HORRIFIC, HARROWING, I can't think of any other words to describe how I feel right now about the cruelty perpetrated by this rotten to the core Tory government and their weak and feeble puppets, the Lib Dems.  They are guilty of unleashing sadistic animal abusers (from BASC) onto defenceless and terrified badgers, and no doubt foxes, and for what - a rotten excuse to have fun? Because all the experts on wildlife, including David Attenborough, Chris Packham, Simon King, and of course Lord Krebbs along with other eminent scientists oppose the cull because it's not based on science - in other words, it won't work - its already been done and it failed spectacularly  Already the Farming Union of Wales are making noises about wanting to do the same thing here - it's utter nonsense. If they killed every single badger in the land Bovine TB would still plague farmers and remember mastitis kills far more cows than TB and costs the tax payer far more in revenue every year. We need to make our voices heard loud and clear if we are to stop this cruel and needless massacre of badgers who right now are screaming out in pain as Tory and Lib Dem politicians sleep peacefully in their beds.

Judi Hewitt


FARMERS GUARDIAN article refers

The NFU and the Government are wildly lashing out at anything which might thwart their evil culling plans. At the 11th hour before the beginning of the shooting of badgers, apparently scheduled for this coming Monday, they are applying for an injunction to try to prevent any interference with their dirty work. But, reading the small print, it looks as if they are not just trying to stop illegal activities (the police already have plenty of power to do that), but actually trying to prevent legitimate protests all over the country against almost anything the Government decides to do against the will of the public. In short, this injunction, if granted by the judge, could constitute one of the most outrageous curbing of civil liberties this country has ever seen.

It seems there are no lengths the Government will not go to, using our money, to implement this futile cull. Perhaps the best consolation is the fact that we now get to see them wrestle with the dire results of getting their own way. Perhaps conspicuous public failure is the only message that will get through to them. It's an awful, cruel, misguided, tragically wasteful disaster. But a disaster which, strangely enough, by awakening public outrage, may eventually change the balance of power in this country.


                        URBAN FOXES - THE TRUTH

                                                           By Judi Hewitt

So many untruths have been told by the media re fox scare stories, so you could be excused for believing those over inflated stories in papers like the Daily Mail, Daily Star etc., - they spread rumours about so called fox attacks because it sells papers.  The media either deliberately or unwittingly print unproven assaults effectively vilifying foxes because their pay masters want to legalise fox hunting for the mainly rich and middle class hunters - they can’t stand the fact that working class Joe public got it banned.Unfortunately there are those that want to believe all the rubbish published in the press re urban foxes because they’re either ignorant or just like to make trouble. I have come across a few people like this and they’re not nice people. Removing foxes from an area they’ve become accustomed to is not only wrong, it is plain cruel. All that will happen when you remove foxes from their own territory is that foxes from outside will move in to stake a claim. The only sure way of deterring foxes from your property is to put up a decent fence and or block up an existing gate/fence so that foxes can’t get in.There is a also a device called the scarecrow that aims a jet of water at an intruder whenever it senses the presence of an animal – this has proved very successful, particularly against cats and foxes. The cost is minimal at just £50.00. You must not be taken in by those that like to claim that foxes will harm your children – no child has ever been killed by a fox despite foxes having lived in urban area’s for many decades. Plus there was no actual proof that a fox attacked any children.  According to an animal rescue in the London area a certain family refused DNA testing – this for me was very telling.. In this age of technology re inbuilt camera’s in mobile phones nobody has ever got footage of a fox attacking a baby or even their pet cats... It’s easy to blame a fox when the fault may lay elsewhere. Crimes can be covered up using an innocent animal.Try to remember that every year children have been seriously injured and some killed by pet dogs. A nip on the finger by a frightened fox pales into insignificance when compared to the harm people do to other people.  However, most fox cubs will disperse during the autumn months – this means they will slowly leave the area of their birth to find their own territories. Foxes are naturally territorial and will defend an area against outside foxes - this is why releasing foxes into an unknown environment is wrong because the resident foxes will force intruders to leave. Experiments were undertaken many years ago re tagging foxes before they were removed and released into a new area -  within two weeks all were found dead. This experiment was repeated and the same conclusion drawn.Although the following story is not related to any released foxes, it is one I’d like to relay to you. I recall the story of one vixen found seriously and fatally injured in the middle of the road – as her rescuer drove away he looked back and saw five very young cubs sat on the side of the road waiting for their mother, a mother they didn’t realise was dead. Sadly the vixen died on route to the vets and those cubs could not be rescued because they ran away into dense bushes and were never found. This is a heart breaking story but a true one.Please see it in your hearts to try to live with urban foxes – they are not dangerous and don’t deserve to be treated badly. There are steps you can take to keep foxes out of your garden, if that is your wish.For more information contact fox deterrent expert John Bryant on 01732 357355 (advice is free) call outs in North Wales are not an option (John is based in London) and only goes out to area’s within a certain radius.      www.walesagainstanimalcruelty.org.uk                 waac@rocketmail.com

Kerry Ellis and Brian May

It was lovely meeting Brian May before the show...


Brian May and Kerry Ellis 'Born Free' acoustic concert is a must for all who love good music - not only will you enjoy a lovely relaxing evening full atmoshere, great guitar playing and Kerry's lovely voice but you will be contributing to care for the wild, i.e. Virginia McKenna's lion programme. The whole show was magical from start to finish.

I was lucky enough to meet Brian back stage -  he really is lovely warm person.

Kerry, his singer has a truly beautiful voice and her version of  'Born Free' complete with film footage of lions being rescued was indeed emotional and I confess to shedding some tears. Brian also played a couple of songs using electric guitar, I assume, to appease fans of Queen.

Great show - I can highly recommend it.


Hello, my dear! Long time!!

Well, I've been working a lot and I am going through a hard time now with my divorce! Things gets pretty strange sometimes! But here I am with a big house and my family dog united in love!
My third album is released on usa and calls "Even The Saints are Sinners" and our partnership remains the same!!
Actually, I was on internet few hours ago I and saw this video that shocked me so hard.. How things like that could happen in this world today? I really don't understand the plague named human race...
This is a shocking movie and I needed to share with you, my dear Judi!!

Let me know about you and the campaign!!
All my love to you and Bobby!
Best regards;


May 4th 2013

It appears UKIP have overtaken the Lib Dems in the local elections but let's be honest this was always on the cards because people resent a party that was never voted into power. But if you vote UKIP you will be voting for a far right Tory Party. Nigel Farage, UKIP's leader, boasted about his plans to drop the hunting ban and smoking in public places. Apart from his obvious desire to see foxes brutalised again, surely his plan to allow smoking in public places will put vulnerable people at risk of getting lung cancer and other smoking related diseases. All this will just put more pressure on the NHS. Farage who has had numerous affairs also wants to legalise drugs and prostitution. He admired Maggie Thatchers right wing policies, in other words, he wants to drag us all back to the dark ages. Yes, he might have the public in his pocket on the issue of immigration but would this chain smoking dope head fulfill his promise or is it just more hype from a pro-hunt meglamaniac? Immigration does need to be tackled but it needs to be tackled with sensitivity.
Any Christian person could be forgiven for thinking that Farage is the devil incarnate - after all, by the sound of him, he wants a Sodom and Gomorrah.
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Murdered foxes left to rot....


Foxes are not pests so why do farmers still allow evil scum to kill them on their land. The farmer whose land I was walking over (situated between LLanasa and Gwaenysgor in Denbighshire) may have given these men permission to murder these animals on his land? By the look of the poor foxes (pictured) they were probably killed around three months ago and very likely dug out and then attacked again above ground by dogs. The older fox had a leg missing - only noticed after turning the animals body over to check her injuries. The smaller fox had no tail and bore all the tell tale signs of having been cut off as a trophy. I did wonder if they had been predated on after being shot but the fact only one leg was missing from one fox and the complete tail of the other fox made me doubt this theory! Nope, these poor little foxes died because there are ignorant and callous people around who delight in killing.   


April 4th 2013

Salvo came into my life last January as Bob and me were taking a short break in Fuerteventura. He was a stray cat who'd learn't to survive by making friends with any animal loving holiday makers. He used to wait for us to return to the complex every evening and would follow us back into our apartment for his evening meal. He would then sleep at the foot of our bed until around five in the morning when he would meow loudly to be let out. By breakfast he was back and would only leave the apartment when we left. With only three days to go before heading back home we decided that we couldn't leave him behind - after all he was not a young cat and the nights were really chilly and windy. Vet fees, passport and three weeks in quarantine were to prove costly. All in all it cost us just under £1,000 but what price do you put on love. According to the vet our wonderful Moggie Salvo was around 7yrs of age and had lost a lot of teeth, God knows how! But we wanted to give him a good home for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, Salvo had a small hard lump on his belly so we had to get the vet to check that out before heading back home. She said it was either a cyst or a hernia so nothing to worry about. Salvo hated quarantine and I hated myself for putting him through that but I thought it would be worth it to get him home and give him the care he needed. But it wasn't just the quarantine that poor Salvo had to cope with - the journey back by road took five long days - yes, five days in a cage just big enough for a litter tray, his bed, water and food dishes. I feel guilty that Salvo suffered and in hindsight would have asked the vet out there to remove the lump. According to our vet Salvo must have been ill for a long time so would have died of the cancer - but it would have been better for Salvo to be put to sleep in Fuerteventura.
When we got him back home we thought it best to let him rest before taking him to our own vet - we never thought the lump was anything other than a hernia, even though it had grown to twice the size. Initially, a hernia was confirmed by our own vet, but two weeks later Salvo stopped eating so we had to take him back to the vets. As it turned out, Salvo didn't have a hernia, he had a tumour. The following day he went in to have it removed. I kissed him and told him to be a brave boy and that I would see him later - he seemed to understand but just as Bob was taking him out of the front door I heard him cry out and whimper - it was then that I cried too!. But I thought he'll get through this but I prayed anyway - with every ounce of my being. Later that morning the vet rang - I knew it couldn't be good news because the vet was ringing us too soon, so I handed the phone over to Bob - my heart was hammering in fear. Salvo had a massive tumour that had spread to his intestines and liver - the vet said, " Please, please, don't make me wake him up." So my handsome Salvo was put to sleep and my heart was broken in two. He was a lovely gentle cat that never showed any interest in stalking birds - he immediately got on with my three female cats - he was no bother at all. 
Salvo was only with us for a very short time but he stole our heart like no other - there will never be another Salvo - he will live in our heart and soul forever.

Salvo cost us close to £2,000 making a massive dent in our credit card, but what price do you put on love? I would do it all again tomorrow, but I would do it differently.

ewe's and their babies left to suffer in the freezing hills....

Gandhi was right.
Most people like to think the animals they eat have been treated with dignity and compassion - humane slaughter is how most people think animals are killed in UK slaughter-houses, but is it humane? The only way to stop the terrible cruelty by uncaring abattoir workers is to make it compulsory to install CCTV camera's in every slaughter-house. Camera's would have to be operated correctly to end sadistic torture. However, we believe that animals still suffer a traumatic and horrific experience - animals killed for food suffer greatly . Put it this way, would you want to die this way? And what about the thousands of sheep who perished in the snow this year? What would it take for farmers to put their desperate animals into shelter?  Some other farmers do it and still make a very tidy living from these animals. A farmer that breeds too many sheep cannot possibly hope to manage this many animals, and especially in times of crisis. Just last night in near darkness I went to check out a field where ewe's and lambs had no shelter - I couldn't find any food for them either but I did find a small dead lamb lying on its side caked in freezing slimy mud - it was too dark to get a picture of it but when I went back today the lamb had gone. How long it had lain there, I don't know? For my pain I slipped down a muddy bank and hurt my shoulder - I got my back, hands and legs drenched in mud too! The easterly wind was whipping through that field last night and all I could do was pick myself up, cry, and walk away. The utter misery being felt by those bleating sheep and tiny lambs, who all followed me back down to the road, is incomprehensible. I don't know if I'm more angry with the farmer or the consumer? The only way to stop cruelty to farm animals is to go vegan. But I think what really got to me was getting back home and seeing hypocrites singing the lords praise in lavish and cosy churches (on TV) for an Easter service and all the while these pitiful ewe's and their babies are freezing and starving to death trapped in fields and on hillsides - how bloody Christian is that? Before any of you say, " Here we go again, more diatribe from Judi Hewitt", I understand that being an activist invites vitriol from some quarters, and yes, it's true, that I get precious little support from the public here in North Wales. But I'm lucky compared to a man called John Howard Moore (1862 -1916) an American zoologist, lecturer, scientist and lonely animal rights advocate. The isolated Moore became a vegetarian and purchased a little piece of land where the wildlife could be left alone and which he visited for peace and solace. Eventually he became so tormented at the brutality of his fellow humans who ridiculed his compassion that he went to his sanctuary and blew his brains out. He left behind him a legacy, his books, notably his 1906 publication, 'The Universal Kinship', republished by Centaur press Ltd, A series of lectures he gave in Chicago were published after his death in a  book entitled 'Savage Survivals', he wrote, "As time passes, the instinct of our sympathy and humanity will grow stronger, and will become more and more dominant in human nature and the vestigial savage instincts will grow correspondingly feebler.The hunter, who kills for pastime is a connecting link between the savage who hunts for a living and the civilised man who does not hunt at all.  The hunter, like the warrior, will finally pass away altogether." These days there are thousands of activists scattered across the world though sadly precious few where I live. There is a small number of activists here including the Rev James Thompson, nick-named the Animal Padre because he has written many a report condemning animal cruelty. Unfortunately very few people are willing to lead the way. The Rev is an exception, he has stood alone on occasion and many times alongside myself carrying the banner when few others could be bothered. And with so much information via the media and the internet nowadays how can anyone turn their back on the terrible injustice being done to animals every single day and in ever greater numbers? How can anyone defend factory farming, blood-sports, the fur trade, animal testing, live exports or even animals killed in UK slaughter-houses? Animals are sentient beings like us so they're capable of suffering both mentally and physically - they possess the same five senses. I dread driving past animal markets on market day and seeing huge trucks leaving with their pitiful cargo. But mass abuse and the habitual murder of animals is a global epidemic. Just recently I was asked to sign a petition against China skinning cats alive and just yesterday I signed a petition against dogs being strung up and burnt alive in South Korea using a blow torch - they say the meat from these poor souls tastes better when the animal has suffered!!. But to sign this petition meant having to see the photograph that accompanied it - and now a large sandy coloured dog will live in my already tortured mind forever. But we in the west are not angels, are we? Most people seem able to turn a blind eye to what is still going on in the countryside until they're faced with it first hand. About eight weeks ago a sentient fox was torn to shreds by a pack of hounds on a busy road in Carmarthen in broad daylight and in front of many horrified passengers on a bus. This barbaric so-called sport is supposed to be illegal, so why is it still happening all over the UK, and why are so few people being prosecuted? Considering this law is being flouted on a regular basis, does this mean we can now break any law we choose, or does that privilege only apply to the bloodthirsty brigade who enjoy abusing animals? Make no mistake fox hunting as opposed to drag hunting with a synthetic scent is a vile and despicable blood sport. In my eyes the people at its core are vile and by their very nature violent towards animals and so it seems hunt monitors like me. The problem right now is that the law is not being upheld and so hunts are mostly able to go no indulging their bloodlust with the tacit approval of this coalition government. Eventually something has got to give and with a more animal friendly government I believe it can. But right now we have possibly the most animal unfriendly government ever. Patterson and Heath want a very expensive badger cull in England even though it won't make a blind bit of difference to bTB in the long term - they want to bring sadistic fox hunting back - and they won't make it compulsory to have CCTV in slaughter-houses where atrocities have been filmed time and again. But I suppose with so many leading figures including government and the church into animal farming, change is never going to happen any time soon. Many years ago Gandhi was asked: "What do you think of Western civilisation?" He replied: "I think it would be a good idea." I have to agree! Here in North Wales, I know I'm not completely alone in my revulsion for deliberate animal abuse? But do animal rights folk deserve so much hatred just because we try to defend the rights of defenceless animals which have no voice of their own? Since when did speaking out against animal cruelty deserve such abuse? Are people like me wasting our time and our lives trying to open the eyes of those so blind? For the sake of our world, I hope not!.

Judi Hewitt

walesagainstanimalcruelty.org.uk   Tel  07776333142


A hunt monitor is shot in the head at a South Pembrokeshire Hunt meet
West Wales Anti Bloodsports were monitoring the South Pembrokeshire Hunt at Campshill Farm, near Yerbeston, on October 19th 2011. They had been observing the hunt from a distance cross-country, and from a vantage point across fields, see through binoculars that the terriermen are once again digging at a hedge bank or row. They make their way on foot across footpaths to where they guess the digging is taking place. After a short while, as they proceed along a public footpath, they come across the Land Rover of one of the terriermen parked up on a grassy area. Shortly afterwards, six members or followers of South Pembrokeshire Hunt appear. A terrierman is carrying a brown sack with something clearly inside it. The group also have digging equipment and a terrier. One of the group, who had previously threatened the group (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAmjkY9SIpQ&feature=plcp), swears at them and calls them "nig nogs". A terrierman asks if one of WWAB wants a fight. The terriermen get into the Land Rover, which then drives off slowly. Seconds afterwards, a sharp metallic retort is heard followed by a cry of pain from one of WWAB, who now has a wound on her forehead which is bleeding profusely. She has been shot with some kind of projectile. The position of the Land Rover makes it highly unlikely that a shot could have been fired from inside it, which only leaves the vocal and threatening individual and two others as realistic suspects. WWAB call for the emergency services, and she is taken to hospital by ambulance. The six individuals at the scene are subsequently arrested, and a criminal investigation commences. It concludes in a jail sentence for firearms offences for one of the men - the vocal individual who features in this clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAmjkY9SIpQ&feature=plcp). There is no conclusive evidence that proves one of the six individuals present fired at the monitor, although clearly this is by far the most likely explanation. The police later inform WWAB that public order charges against the terrierman who challenged them to a fight were considered but not pursued.

Fox nets - holes look too big for rabbit...

Border terriers caked in mud after terrorising vixen (& cubs?) underground prior to being dug out..

March 9th 2013
A supporter connected to the Flint & Denbigh hunt posted the following photograph's on his face book page. The fact he is the son of one of the hunts most valued helpers in my view makes this rotten hunt as complicit in this cruelty as their terrier-men supporters that revel in the horrific suffering of foxes.
But it's the women that support this hunt that shock me the most - they should have maternal instincts - it's how the gentle sex are supposed to feel! But these female members of the hunt have a ruthless streak that sees no mercy for the hunts prey. Perhaps many of these hunts men and women were bullied at school and so find solace in a hunt that welcomes anyone that's willing to pay and support hunt cruelty. What does it matter if animals get horribly abused as long as there are friends to welcome you into their private little fold? It must make those yearning for kinship feel very special - but how quickly they would drop you if you suggested that you didn't support hunt cruelty.


The 9th Feb was the day we never found the hunt to monitor them - so we ended up in Cheshire. I now know this part of Cheshire quite well, so the day wasn't a complete waste - it never is because we always learn a little more every time we venture out to monitor. At least now I know why the Flint & Denbigh left so early. The Wheatland hunt fox so no surprise there! I suppose the Flint & Denbuigh get invites from other hunts as well so we must bare this in mind for next season folks.
I cannot be sure if this is true - they all seem to lie so well! Never the less I will believe him/her on this occasion.

Kas the little dog that was attacked by hounds....

Family dog attacked by hounds

Kas the family Jack Russel dog was attacked by hounds belonging to a hunt - according to the owner it was a sustained attack. Before the savage assault the owner didn't have a view one way or the other on hunting with dogs but now says it is totally barbaric. He went on to say his children will never forget what happened to their little dog and that his whole family have been left traumatised by the horrific event.
This attack is also further proof that it is not just a quick nip to the back of the neck as many ignorant and lying hunt supporters would have you believe. My own experience of seeing a poor fox attacked by hounds was also horrific and sustained. How do these hunts people live with themselves? They are completely without a conscience and such excellent liars too!

Click on the link below to hear the owners harrowing story. Listen to the full interview because it is only towards the end of this conversation with the radio host that you hear the owner replying to her question, " Are you pro or anti hunt"?

But when does a hunt become a gang? When it bullies anyone opposed to their cruelty.
March 2nd 2013
Hopefully it was the last meet of the hunting season by the hunt but I had to endure some horrible yobs taunting me - they really do need a damn good hiding from their parent but I suppose when your dad is there egging them on, what can you expect? This for me is when the hunt becomes a gang. The worst part for me was when one of the riders, an old bloke, struck me three times with his riding crop for filming the riders - the other riders laughed their heads off after some horrible boy taunting me said, "Her camera's stopped working now, ha,ha,ha!." I just felt like crying, but I wouldn't give them these bullies the satifaction of letting them see me cry. I may seem like a tough cookie but I'm far from it!!
I didn't film these riders for nothing today, I was convinced I'd seen the dead body of a fox being dragged acoss the field towards a 4x4. I reached the field in time to see this vehicle already leaving. I was feeling very upset at this point and this was compounded by a lad who sneered then swore at me as he got into this vehicle. So not only had I been assaulted by a rider, I was jeered at too by all the other riders!
At first I thought he'd broken my video camera because it stopped working after he'd whacked it, but I think the blows just threw the settings for a minute. What really happened was the rider struck out at my camera quite vehemtly three times to stop me filming and in doing so caused a small red mark on my wrist - which is now a bruise. My camera took the brunt of it but it's proved to be quite sturdy. 
However the parents of those horrible lads, one of whom was with an adult supporter, should be ashamed of themselves for bringing up their kids to be so horrible and abusive towards people who have done 'them' no harm - and worse, for teaching their kids to accept cruelty to animals as the norm. The hunt masters wife seemed to find the whole thing very funny - she and her friends had a really good chortle, no doubt at my expense - see why further down this report!! It is proof enough for me that these people are rotten to the core. All in all, a bloody awful day, not just for me but for the poor foxes too because later in the day I sent Emma ahead to see why the hounds were baying and why the hunt yobs had driven off at speed towards the noise. It wasn't long before she rang up panicking saying that she had just seen a fox fleeing for its life down the field, with some hounds not far behind!!
Believe me, I was shaking and upset enough fter my own ordeal because I'm certainly not remotley brave, but to think this hunt are still flushing out terrified foxes using a pack of hounds, well,  it shows them up as liars.

Plus a vile piece of work taunted Emma about the fact he will be taking part in the badger cull next month...truly horrific people, eh?. According to a known hunt supporter (I have it recorded) Dafydd one of my colleagues has supposedly dug out and killed foxes with M******l G*****t - an accusation that is completely false, at least on the part of Dafydd, who is a confirmed vegan and dedicated animal lover. I have other recent film of another G*****t family member on a quad supporting the Flint & Denbigh hunt, doing God knows what? I dread to think?? What kind of mothers raise their kids to abuse animals? 
Yes, this hunt might like to think they're all respectable people but I believe that they are a gang because they behave in exactly the same way as a gang, by bullying and intimidating anyone who apposes their sick and cruel 'so called' sport. I expect vulgar and bad behaviour from kids that haven't been taught to respect people and animals, but not from old age pensioners too, now that really is sick!!.
I did phone the police because at the time of the assault I was very upset after the rider incident - it was after all an offence, just as those horrible kids were committing an offence when they took it upon themselves to harass me and intimidate me. 
I did note that while waiting for the police to arrive all the supporters who had been watching and scornfully laughing then drove off the cowards. It was clear to me that when they thought the police might not be attending they sent a car back to watch me. This car drove off as soon as the police arrived but an old woman from the farm opposite (where many horse boxes were parked up) came out to nosy - she had a look of utter loathing on her face - I could see that she was very angry that I had called the police. Then two elderly female riders rode by and told the police officers that I had been filming children on horse back and that they should do something about that!. To be honest I don't recall seeing any children on horse back, just adults, but then I was being harassed by a yob at the time - a yob who'd been dropped off by an old bloke in a 4X4!. The only kids I recall seeing at the meet were the silly yobs that were bothering me - according to them, they were doing it on the orders of the hunt - this may or may not be true but I think it was the old guy who'd dropped them off that was encouraging them. In fact as I was walking away Dafydd swears he saw him urging them to have another go at me which the yob gleefully did by imitating an 'ape' as he walked behind me - according to my colleague Emma he did a really good impression as though it came natural to him - so I'll say no more about that!!
I care very deeply about stopping cruelty to foxes by those that have no empathy and this will NEVER change no matter how much this rotten to the core hunt gang and their yob bully boys try to harass me!! It just makes me more determined than ever to work harder to get the ban strengthened.
Thank God I still believe that good will overcome this evil in the end! 
My thanks to Emma and Dafydd (my co-monitors) for their loyalty to the cause and for helping me monitor this hunt. And thanks for all those lovely messages of support from other good anti-hunt people - you have once more restored my faith in human kind. Oh and many thanks for the new equipment Penny - this I will put to good use next season.

Could he get any closer? Ugh!!!!

Hunt supporter who wished me dead - I actually got it on film.!!

Hunt supporters on our tail to alert hunt to our whereabouts.

Hi All,
Today I had a hunt supporters kid of about 12 years of age telling me to f**k o**, some nice kid, eh!? His parents must be very proud of him. His dad even sent him alone (up hill and down dale) to follow us until he joined him near the top of the hill which was about fifteen minutes later. Then this man and his foul mouthed kid continued to follow us around the hills above Nannerch. Since the hunt was nowhere to be seen (we heard from a local man that they normally start fox hunting at 8am) it begs the question, why the need to keep following us around? Basically it is intimidation! And they should be taken to account for it!!! Oh and thug M*** drove by without a peep - has the hunt had words with him??? These people really are sick!! They think nothing of setting dogs onto a terrified animal, even young cubs, and they have the same rotten contempt for compassionate people. Basically they're dinosaurs that don't know they're nearly extinct.
Hunt supporters have proved to me time and again that they are out and out liars and the tragedy is that they drag their kids up to be the same as them - cold hearted!!
19th Feb 2013


A lovely message from Helen.

A very compassionate man and a loving beautiful fox.
Six years ago, Cropper was found in the street after a fight with
dogs. Seriously injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), Cropper was nursed
back to health by this man's patience, love and determination. Not
strong enough to return to the wild, Cropper spends very happy days
with his human friend. Thank you Sir! ♥

These Red Fox pups are only a few weeks old and were photographed just a few feet from their den. I had located the den a few days earlier and returned just before dark to wait, concealed in some brush about 20 feet away. I didn't have to wait very long before the pups emerged from the ground, one at a time. Each fox seemed to have a different level of fear of my presence. I was only able to get one photo of all three pups together. As soon as the flash fired two of the pups dashed back into the den, while the third pup showed no fear at all and remained near the den entrance. It was even somewhat inquisitive of my presence! The second cub soon reappeared, but it was obviously cautious...often fleeing back into the den and then resurfacing moments later. The first cub only poked its head up from the den once, and I never saw it again. I suspect it will probably outlive its siblings! - photographer, John Wasserman.

Hi Judi !
Just thought you might like to add in some info on your website about the Daily Mail, to make people aware EXACTLY what kind of a paper this is.
The founder of the Mail, Lord Northcliffe, claimed that his "winning formula" was to give Daily Mail readers quote; " A daily dose of Hate. "
In 2003, the editor of the Mail , Paul Dacre, was hauled in front of the Commons Select Committee, accused of preaching "hate" in his newspaper, and was grilled over this. So this "winning formula" of 'hatred', has been pumping in their veins since its birth.
Propaganda and spin, lies and defamation is what this paper revels in; it has long been the BIGGEST media irritant and the MOST complained about paper in the country. It might be interesting to say that the Foxes are not the only ones subjected to lies and propaganda, as the Mail has long had a reputation of having a deliberate policy aimed at encouraging discrimination against immigrants;
Also for abuse and defamation of benefit claimants;
Here, they actually arranged for a demo outside the Mail Offices in London, back in April, to tell the faceless hacks to stop telling 'lies' about them;
For telling lies about Owen Barder director of AIDINFO and former Director of International Finance and Development UK ;
And ' a racist, smear campaign'  against the Tamils, who successfully won damages for Libel from the Mail;
All this really should be drawn to the public attention, so people know exactly what this rag 'revels' in.
Obviously, they are now using their own special brand of venom, this time aimed at the Foxes, who can't take them to court -
Kind Regards

We couldn't agree more Richard - a more vile rag would be hard to find!

that b**** is pure evil!!!
Comments re Jeremy Clarkson on Badgers
And lastly - from a press cutting sent to us -  another motormouth in action.  In a strangely skewed rant in his Sun column Jeremy Clarkson starts,
"I love the TV show Countryfile. And I especially like its tame farmer, Adam Hanson. But over the years I've watched with clenched fists as his cattle are tested for TB and he never says what's causing it. I know it's been transmitted by badgers." He goes on to say that Adam Hanson also knows this but won't say so because he has been threatened by extremists. And rounds off the rant by describing the badger as a 'smelly, diseased black and white rat'. As the person sending us the cutting commented - "terrier men don't need this type of encouragement, and hopefully Clarkson will be taken to task over his irresponsible remarks".
WAAC says - Clarkson is pure evil - to take delight from taking the life of an innocent animal is wicked beyond belief. 
I remember watching with disgust a celebrity chat/game show when I heard him comment that he drove his car at a fox during a rally in the forest, then went on to say he could have avoided it but wanted to run it over, so he did, leaving it to die.  You don't get more evil than that!!

Hi Joey,
Nice to hear from you - hope your new album is going great!
Things are not too good here with this awful government of ours - they have scrapped every animal law we had leaving nothing in the way of protection for wildlife. They are however struggling to overturn the ban on fox hunting because we are constantly fighting every attempt and every dirty trick by them. We cannot rest for a minute incase they try to sneak in and legalise killing with dogs.
They have even decided to allow circuses to carry on abusing wild animals, even after Animal Aid shot secret footage of Ann the elephant being kicked and beaten inside a a tin shed (though thankfully rescued now and living a nicer life at a safari park).
I was very upset to read about a cat skinned alive by two men in the Dominican Republic - I mean how sick and twisted are these bastards? The poor cat, I can only wish this beautiful animal every blessing in my soul.
Well, Joey, keep doing what you are doing and please give your family my love and respect.

Hi, dear Judy.
i am so sorry to hear about the indifference of your goverment regarding the animal issues. So sad all of this situation.
The men are became prisioners of their own stupidity. Not different over here anyway. Bad people are bad people no matter where they live...but fortunately we have good ones too, in everywhere fighting with they lives for the poor animals and any other good cause. That's why we never lost our faith in the right things.
Thanks for your wishes regarding my new album. I'm working hard everyday in my studio to finish all the steps so fast as I can. In fact, i am now mixing the whole stuff.
Back to the bastards...we have lots of them here too...in BELO HORIZONTE/MINAS GERAIS - BRAZIL a horrible thing happend to a poor innocent dog that made me cry. I am really loving more the animals and less the humans nowadays. This kind of thing makes to have shame of my place sometimes. But I think is a kind of global disease at the end. A raped dog by a couple of monsters was fortunately saved for good people and survived...
Unfortunately I have not found the article in english but the image talks for itself.  I really hate this kind of human-animal with all my soul, Judi...they deserve the hell for that and I really wish that for them.
Stay safe my dear friend. All the best for you and Bob. Keep fighting for the right thing, cause you are one of the good ones.
Your friend and brother,

Looking at the threads from these (in my view) phychotic thugs (see comments below), makes me feel like I'm watching a holocaust but can do nothing to stop it! These horrific sub-human people don't just torture animals to death, they destroy the lives of good people too - people like me, who cannot bare deliberate animal cruelty. The sad thing is, they don't believe that animals, let alone nursing vixens, have any feelings. They just view animals as fodder to feed their sick cravings, to kill.

  1. cubs about
Checked an earth this afternoon with a terrier on a lead , just a small 3 hole place , got a good mark so we netted up and popped the bitch in . 5 minutes later out come a vixen , quickly dispatched , she looked drawn so we sat back and waited watching the locator box the bitch stopped about 4 times before coming out with a small cub maybe 4 days old . Next earth , 7 holes, good mark so net up . the bitch is soon baying at the 1.8 mtr mark , by the time we got down to her she had killed another nursing vixen so we left her to work the earth through before back filling and moving on , so look out boys another 3-4 weeks and theyll be showing up

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    Found earth last week cubs already on top!

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    5. we dug two sets of litters last weekend 1st litter about a week old 7 in the litter plus the vixen secound litter were about 3 days old and a litter of 4 plus vixen the keeper was chuffed to bits . but on a bit of waste land where i live the neighbours cat vanished so i said i would take a look and low and behold two litters are born there one being very well used and sure its cubs darting about i hear them all the time when i am in the garden but being only in my new place 4 mths got to play it by ear as one of my neighbours is very very anti infact a active animal rights twat who has felt my silver tongue and now knows where she stands i often leave my truck unwashed after a weeks foxing just for her benifit i have prewarnd her any damage she will answer for it .

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  • fullname: owen jones
    email: owen.jones795@btinternet.com
    comments: why do you think its ok to slaughter cattle that have TB and not to slaughter badgers?? and why don't you care about the hundreds of lambs that the fox kill each year?? I seem to think that you dont care about farm animals. foxes and badgers should be kept under control.
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    From: OWEN JONES <owen.jones795@btinternet.com>
    To: waac@rocketmail.com
    Sent: Mon, 11 April, 2011 22:52:52
    Subject: this is stupid!

    I have red all of the past comments and this is all rubbish! I mean lambs don't just drop to chucks and randomly scattered around the fields natural! i mean I've seen a lot of foxes dragging a perfectly healthy lamb around the field! and you say they die because of hypothermia!? i agree some die because of that but most of them die because of these vicious animals (foxes) dogs don't walk into fields and start eating healthy lambs! They receive food from their owners every day! and they are chained to a kennel! This is most definitely the damage from either a dirty, sly fox or a mean, large badger! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! They need controlling or the numbers will get far to much to control!

    WAAC reply.
    WAAC REPLY TO OWEN - 13th April 2011
    Owen, you are a complete and utter liar - or seriously disturbed, perhaps both!! Please don't insult our intelligence by sending such stupid, idiotic comments.
    Oh, and by the way, I (Judi Hewitt) am a POWA associate as well as founder of Wales Against Animal Cruelty.
    I have seen your email sent below to POWA - all you have done is repeat your vile stupid lies to another outlet.
    Owen, I thought you finally understood the truth about foxes after our last few discussions, but you have gone back to your original nonsense.
    I don't know what nasty ugly creatures (terrier-men/hunters) you have been speaking to, but I am guessing that you are a very gullible person - you must be, to believe all the lies these pro-hunt evil men and women tell you.
    Ask yourself this Owen, "If a sheep farmer in England can have a soft release pen on his land for orphan fox cubs, then why would he do this if those same cubs were going to molest and gobble up his healthy lambs?? I told you before that a healthy ewe is a formidable foe against any fox, so why are you still insisting that foxes attack hundreds of lambs? Owen your story does not tell the truth, and you are making yourself look very stupid?"
    You also claim to have watched a fox dragging a lamb around a field - it must have taken some time, yet you just stood there watching??? You also told me in an earlier email that you were the son of hill farmer! Is this all lies too??? The public are not green Owen,even if you are? But if you think we can be taken in by your ignorance and superstition, then you will be very disappointed. Your unfounded, ignorant comments are what give Welsh people a bad name.
    Owen, get your facts right in future before engaging what little brain matter you have, and stop being taken in by those with an ulterior motive. 
    Don't contact me again - I don't need village idiots bothering me.
    I will be deleting any further mails from you - now please, crawl back to your lovely, gruesome friends and haunt somebody else.

    Judi Hewitt

    PS Your comments will be going on to the website for all to see!!!!!!!!

    And are they for law and order?
    Sadly not, if you're a sab!!
    Just to let you know that on Saturday one of the Cotswold hunts at May Hill in Gloucestershire called the police in response to the presence of about thirty sabs.  Police response included one helicopter, 6 squad cars, two unmarked police vehicles,  two riot vans, one range rover carrying taza guns, one armed response car. While the hunt hunted the sabs were pursued all over the countryside.  Six sabs were arrested mostly for dangerous weapons (citronella and hunt whips), two of the women were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs and one sab arrested for filming the arrests was rugby tackled by officers.  The Pewsey sabs vehicle was impounded with contents which included several sets of car keys and home keys, jackets and other belongings which people were not allowed to retrieve.  However, the sabs still managed to disrupt the hunt as the police could not stop them using the hunting horn and a recording of hounds on cry, to distract the hounds from the fox, which apparently  enraged the hunt master.
     A female hunter thanked the police for their support. 
    When one officer was told that the hunt was hunting foxes, he said 'it's banned'.

    Here's a question for the Cotswold police, "Would they respond with such vigour if the hunt sabs had called them out? Of course they wouldn't! Would they have done the same to neighbour watch? No of course not!! This force acted out of spite - maybe some officers even have friends in the hunt or just sympathise with this (in my view) sadistic hunt?
    I am furious that the police acted like thugs on this occasion, rounding up decent people, instead of getting the hunt criminals.
    Are they for law and order or what - seemingly not!!!
    The police need to decide who's side they're on, those who are trying to help them uphold the law - or as seen in this case, the law breakers themselves.

    Dear Chief Constable,
    I am disgusted to hear that your officers arrested hunt monitors/saboteurs for merely monitoring/sabbing a hunt they suspected were operating illegally.
    In this climate of police losing jobs, I think it was overly indulgent to send a helicopter, six squad cars, two unmarked police vehicles,  two riot vans, one range rover carrying taza guns, one armed response car - and all the while the hunt were being allowed to continue hunting as your police officers pursued sabs all over the countryside.  According to my colleagues in Gloucestershire, six sabs were arrested, mostly for dangerous weapons (citronella and hunt whips), two of the women were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs and one sab arrested for filming the police making arrests. Clearly you have some very pro-hunt officers - not good when you are supposed to defending the law. The Pewsey sabs vehicle was also impounded with contents which included several sets of car keys and home keys, jackets and other belongings which people were not allowed to retrieve. 
    All this surely amounts to wrongful arrest and I sincerely hope the people you arrested take you to court - I would!!. This is totally unacceptable behaviour from the police who are supposed to be public servants, not thugs belonging to an illegal hunt.
    Surely you are not so naive that you believe this hunt were only drag hunting, assuming you know the difference! Drag hunting is done fast and furious in a straight line and definitely not chasing after some poor animal. Trail hunting is done using an artificial scent, and the horn used would never be used to indicate a fox sighting. The sabs claim that the hounds were in full cry and so after a fox. This is illegal hunting, or do your officers only enforce the law when its anti-hunt people  trying to stop a fox dying a very cruel death.
    I wonder, would you have done the same to neighbourhood watch? Somehow I doubt it!
    With police officers like yours behaving in such an arrogant and unfair manner, it makes one wonder if we are now living in a police state.
    I think the public would like to know how you spend public money - protecting a hunt that was most likely breaking the law - REALLY GOOD!!
    But even if the sabs had broken the flimsiest of laws, was it necessary to send out the cavalry? It stinks to high heaven, it really does - so I'll be putting this letter on my website, such is my disgust!..
    Judi Hewitt

    From:OWEN JONES <owen.jones795@btinternet.com>
    Sent: Tue, 8 March, 2011 20:26:23
    Subject: pro fox hunting :)

    I dont understand why anti-hunting people dont care about the hundreds of lambs being killed each year by foxes. the farmer is only trying to save the lives of newly born lambs by keeping the foxes under control by fox hunting. why dont you care about farm animals????? leave us to deal with our issues in the countryside because we tell you what to do in the cities.

    Dear Mr Jones,
    If what you are saying is true, then where is your proof? There has never been any film proof of a fox taking a lamb! There is film proof of a fox taking a rabbit - and this I have also seen myself, but never a lamb. I once saw a footpack using hounds in operation, and watched the sheep fleeing in every direction - I have also seen (on two occasions) a fox trotting calmly through a field containing ewe's and their lambs and guess what? the sheep were unconcerned!!
    Believe me, I care passionately about farm animals, I believe they suffer appalling cruelty, not just on the farm but in markets and the slaughter house, hence the reason I have been vegan most of my life.
    Foxes do not take healthy lambs!! Lambs die from hypothermia and from lack of milk - basically bad husbandry. If you put a sheep dog into a field of ewes with new born lambs -  those ewes will head-butt those sheep dogs.
    Your biggest predator of sheep are stray domestic dogs that attack fully grown sheep with a ferocity - I know because I've seen the aftermath. Foxes are timid creatures that are far more scavenger than predator. They will relish any after birth they find, plus foxes help farmers out by being a very good 'free' pest control service - they prey on rodents and rabbits. They also dig up copious amounts of worms and eat berries - in fact almost anything goes!
    By the way, I was brought up in the country and taught to respect animals - were you??
    Plus was it you that cruelly killed the little vixen near the Hiraethog? I've been praying to find out who took her life so cruelly and I've had a very spooky experience near my little vixen's grave. Whoever tortured this little fox to death will not get away with it - karma will see to it!

    I would like to thank everyone who sent messages of support to me after my accident while i was helping to monitor the hunt.
    I hope to be back in action soon - meanwhile my colleagues carry on the dangerous job of gathering evidence of illegal hunting, so good luck to them - they're amazing people.
    I wish I could name you guys, but I understand the need to protect your identities, but many, many thanks for everything you did that day to get the film you needed. And special thanks to the hunt monitor who helped me out of what could have been a very tricky situation. Thankfully, I only sustained a broken left wrist and bruised right hand, oh, and a bloody good soaking, it might have been worse if i'd actually passed out.
    Cheers and special thanks to VIVA for their amazing ''get well' card - I was genuinely overwhelmed.
    Anti-hunt people really are the best society has to offer - I'm so proud to be part of the team.

    WAAC's letter to the North Wales press.

    I believe the hunting act should be kept, strengthened and rigorously enforced. 
    I also believe that the majority of the British public abhor the use of dogs to kill a fox. This is why I am urging decent people to be vigilant when they see a hunt in operation and to report what they believe is illegal hunting to the police.

    Meanwhile I would like to hear from anyone who is fed up of hunts riding roughshod over the law, particularly those with information  regarding where and when the hunt is likely to be out - it will help us to monitor the hunt more effectively..

    Fox hunting is not just about chasing a fox and allowing dogs to maul it to death - there is  a lot of cruelty that goes on behind the scene's such as the use of bagged foxes. A bagged fox is one that has been dug out and kept in a cage or sack ready to be hunted. According to a hunt monitor colleague of mine, "You can always tell a bagged fox because it will appear confused, disorientated, basically just standing there looking around, bewildered - in other words, "Where the hell am I?".

    Hunts might deny that they have ever used bagged foxes, but it is a well known fact (with film footage for proof) that hunts do occasionally use them especially in area's frequently hunted over because there will be a shortage of foxes - hence the reason hunts were urged by the hunt hierarchy pre-ban to build artificial earths to encourage foxes to breed. Not all pre-hunt prepared foxes are bagged - sometimes the fox is forced to bolt from its underground refuge in time for the riders and hounds to give chase. 

    Supporters watching a hunt will occasionally use specific voice calls to alert the hunt that a fox has been sighted -  this is yet another indication that hunts are not trail hunting. Anyone who wants to understand more about how hunts are continuing to use loopholes in the law, should check out POWA.org.uk (Protect our Wild Animals) website.

    Under the current act many hunt law breakers have been successfully prosecuted for inflicting unspeakable cruelty upon foxes, deer and hares. But the hunting act does not go far enough to stop mounted hunts or foot packs breaking the law. In general hunts remain largely untouched by the legislation - basically because far too many hunts are not monitored and their illegal actions remain unchecked. But even when hunts are caught red handed on camera, it's nearly always never enough to prove intent in court

    This means that the law needs to be tightened up so that hunts can be held to account when their dogs 'accidentally' chase and kill a fox. We the public are held responsible for the actions of our own pet dogs, so it's not unreasonable to suggest that hunts are forced to do the same. In other words a 'reckless behaviour' clause needs be added to the legislation to make it harder for hunts to break the law.

    Full View
    Re: Comment posted on "JUDI'S SONG - For The foxes"
    Judi Hewitt <waac@rocketmail.com> 
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    Hi Ridgway501,
    You are of course entitled to your opinion on my song, but your opinion on the hunt footage was really quite sick! There is no way that watching an animal suffer could be described as 'fab' unless you are seriously phychotic!

    From: YouTube Service <service@youtube.com>
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    Some wonderful hunting footage, fab. Awful song though X

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    901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


    I didn't think this coalition could sink any lower but while UK trade agreements include selling live pigs to a notorious country like China, then how are we to think otherwise? China is not known for human rights let alone animal rights. Their record on animal welfare is none existent. In fact China is one of the worst countries in the world for animal cruelty.
    South Korea another country with a bleak record on animal abuse has just buried one million pigs alive because of foot & mouth. Like so many ignorant countries that refuse to vaccinate, they opt for mass killing instead! But they have not even bothered to kill these poor animals before burying them!
    And here in the UK we have David Cameron, a man who supports killing with hounds and mega dairies - a man who is willing to allow a country like China to buy sentient animals like pigs - animals that are more intelligent than dogs. Ah yes! China has been known to skin dogs and cats alive, so what hope our poor pigs? God help them!
    David Cameron, I do not recognise you as my Prime Minister - you and most of your party disgust me!. I just hope those who voted you in see you for what you really are, sooner rather than later.
    Judi Hewitt

    This is the sick cruelty that pro-hunt idiots condone.

    Double frustration for hunt followers
    This latest tirade comes from a nameless coward....who is under the impression that he thinks I am comparing foxes to the holocaust. It's really scary that some pro-hunt people are incredibly ignorant and mindless. I despair!.

    Fur Q, southampton says...
    1:13pm Fri 31 Dec 10
    you are comparing the holocaust to foxes, you are one f-ing dangerous loony

    Now f-off back to your little hole in Wales and die

    PS, never make another record !

    Stop this disgusting 'oxfam' trade.

    Just come across the following ideas for Christmas - Please object strongly
    Eco-friendly gifts and charity Christmas presents are available in abundance - here are some of the gifts you can give that will bring a little cheer to those who need it most.

    First stop, Oxfam - for the gift that really does keep on giving, try
    Oxfam Unwrapped. Here you can buy livestock to provide for families abroad: just £11 buys a chicken, it's £25 for a goat or you can buy a cow for £80. All the animals are locally sourced and vaccinated before they arrive at their new homes and each is a family's stepping stone to becoming self-sufficient.

    Can I please urge you to contact EBay regarding this dreadful product being sold?
    Check the link here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320627709893&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2F%3F_from%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dp5197.m570.l1313%26_nkw%3D320627709893%26_sacat%3DSee-All-Categories%26_fvi%3D1&_rdc=1

    I can see many good people carrying a pots of red paint spray around if fur takes off big time. These poor animals are abused from the moment they are born until the day they die, when they face being gruesomely tortured to death. People who are sold on the idea of fur have not yet evolved into human beings - by the time they are, it will be too late!!.

    ACTION ALERT Sickening cruelty of live sheep exports to Kuwait from Australia

    I've just watched a You Tube video that has left me shaken and full of impotent fury.
    It concerns the sickening suffering of and cruelty to Australian sheep exported to Kuwait.
    PLEASE visit the following page and do what's asked of you thereon - just a couple of emails.
    This is not a hopeless cause - Australia did ban live exports to Egypt a few years ago because of similar concerns.
    If you have bad dreams [or anger management issues] you might be better off not actually watching the You Tube film.
    PS  While you're at it, could you throw in a word for this poor bloody tiger in the States, from a page on the same site.


    I am hoping my book On the Menu: Animal Welfare might be of interest those who would like a comprehensive guide about what life is like for all the animals we farm for food: the chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese; the laying hens, quail and pheasants reared for sport; the pigs, lambs, rabbits; the dairy cattle, beef cattle, veal calves; and also the fish and shellfish.

    Reviews are on my website http://www.onthemenu-animalwelfare.co.uk/

    On the Menu has just become available in the USA via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In Australia the book is available via Booktopia and in New Zealand via Fishpond.

    Any help with passing on this message would be much appreciated!


    Sue Cross (UK


    Please reply to         ellebelle12@hotmail.com

    Hi all,
    Attached is an urgent apply for a tan and white staffy cross called Ozzie.
    Ozzie has recently been rehomed to a woman in south wales in Tredegar who
    cannot handle his age/dominance. Ozzie needs a place to go urgently as the
    owner he is currently with, whilst has best intentions seems to be turning
    Ozzie into a problem dog. Ozzie was apparently good with dogs, cats and
    children before but the woman is regularly reporting that he is becoming
    worse with all. We need to find him an
    alternative place to go; be it kennels, a home or foster ASAP.  I am unsure
    how bad Ozzie actually is, she may be misinterpreting play for aggression.
    Me and mum are going down tonight to check on him and give her some advice
    and do some training with him. I think she thought Ozzie would be smaller
    than he actually is. This picture is deceptive!
     From what i can gather he is a lovely boy - just boisterous and a typical
    young male staffy and just needs an experienced owner who want take any
    nonsense off him.

    Please could you forward this appeal to as many people as possible as i am
    concerned that we will be expected to take him when we arrive tonight which
    isnt an option because of our dogs. Financial help is available for anyone
    who can help with his care.

    Let me know if you find anything!

    Ella :)

    It never ceases to disappoint me how some people can take in a dog, then decide they don't want it anymore. They wouldn't do the same to their young children, so why a dog?

    Hello dear Judi!
    How long! How's life out there? I have always been following the news on the website.
    I am very happy today. I received my first offensive coment posted by some idiot from Cheshire/England in my official twitter: www.twitter.com/joeysummer.
    Now I'm officially at war! (I can't sleep anymore...hehe)
    I read two offensive messages:
    "@joeysummer I've listened to your music - it was shite. You sound like a tom cat with its balls trapped. Stop bumming a living & get a job
    @Rab_Rouser @joeysummer @addthis Five hysterical ‘animal rights activists’ jailed for 6 years – HURRAH - Let’s hope the filthy scum rot in jail"
    He sent this second offensive message to many other people on Twitter. Probably he's only a tortured soul who knows about my support for the campaign. I am very happy because I know he must be very unhappy with his own sick personality! That's why we fight against animal cruelty!
    It's a good sign after all cause where's smoke there's fire! And I will not change my mind because people like him!
    Also, I am sending attached in this e-mail, two pictures of Kihara for you. She's growing fast now!! We are very happy for her life in our lives!
    Have a blessed week, my dear.
    Say a big hello to Bob!!
    Peace and love,

    Hi Joey,
    Yes, join the club - campaigning for animals and speaking the truth brings out the cruel, the bitter and the twisted in society. This evil hunt scum get pleasure from inflicting suffering onto animals and so hate anyone who tries to stop them. We make their sub-conscience feel guilty, that's why they hate us so much!
    I've just got back from nearly three weeks in California, enjoying Yosemite. I was upset to learn that in a place called Oakhurst and surrounding area they allow the killing of deer using bow and arrow. Yosemite does not allow hunting, so that was something at least.
    We saw a beautiful female deer in Ahwahanee who just stood and watched us before she went down into the forest, but I fear for her safety with red necks around.
    Glad to be home now, I missed my animals, but they were in good hands, they were being taken care of by my daughter. I really loved the pacific ocean and the massive mountains and forests.
    Good to know beautiful Kihara is growing well - she will give you many years of loyal, unconditional love.
    I will put your message up on the comments page - they will make good people smile. I laughed when I read your email - you have such a good sense of humour!
    Take care,
    Love to you and the family.
    PS You don't need me to tell you that you have a phenomenal talent.

    SHAC sentences are too harsh!

    I believe most compassionate animal loving people would agree with me that the sentences metered out to five members of SHAC were ridiculously harsh - 70 years. Knowing animal rights as I do, I do not believe for a minute that they presented any danger to the public. Unlike murderers and sadists that get less time in prison for taking life and the evil scum that murdered my husbands nephew who only got three years - it seems animal rights get the book thrown at them. The notorious HLS can torture animals to death in horrific 'repeated' and unnecessary experiments for detergents and other noxious chemicals, yet those who break the flimiest of laws in order to stop HLS cruel experiments are vilified and given very long jail terms. You can beat up a hunt monitor and watch hunt thugs walk away from court, free!.
    There is no justice - only protection for the cruel in society.
    I believe the five SHAC members sent to jail are victims, not unlike like those poor animals that they sought to protect.
    God bless all five of you - I'm so sorry that you are being punished so severely.
    Property, it seems, has more value than human life.


    It seems some papers don't want to help us get our desperate message out to the public re the Tories sneaky plan to return our countryside into killing fields again for a minority of hunt thugs,
    so it looks like we're on our own. It's going to be tough but we have to try to make a difference, somehow. I have not wasted over twenty years of my life to see this corrupt government and uncaring media destroy the only tiny piece of legislation ever brought in to help protect foxes, deer and hares.

    The media I'm sure will be only too happy to report our heartbreak when the coalition do their filthy work and give the cruel their sadistic fun to torture again. Obviously these desk bound clerks have never heard the frantic, terrified screams of a fox and cubs being murdered. Well they can have a copy of a DVD that promises them just that! Whether any of them would be bothered by it does concern me - I'm starting to think that there are very few humans in this world.

    For our Wrexham demo and in other towns, we covered ourselves in fake blood, dressed up as foxes and took to the streets  - I don't know what else we can do to make the media see that we are hurting and we're fearful for our wild animals? To say I'm disappointed by a media black out on our campaigns, is a massive understatement.

    Obviously, the powers that be are protecting this new government, yet when Labour first came to power back in 1997 they were crapped on from a great height by the media within weeks of entering number 10. This Cam/Clegg duo can seemingly do no wrong.

    When soldiers were killed in Iraq and then Afghanistan during Labour's reign, the media brought the parents and the wives of lost loved ones to our papers and screens and they blamed Labour for their deaths. Where are these grieving people crying in anger against this new Coalition Government?  Where is the hatred for a government still sending people to fight an unjust war in some far fling place? Labour could never do right for doing wrong -  and I'd be the first to say Labour never did enough to stop atrocities to both people and animals, but come on, this Coalition are having a bloody field day.

    Cameron is a bit on the thick side and being led by his hunt chums now firmly settled in parliament - Clegg has obviously let power go to his head and he is being praised for his speeches, when in fact, he is reading from a bloody script - any fool could do that!!!

    Let's fight folks, let's get rid of this evil Coalition and help our poor animals get some peace in their lives. Let us show people everywhere the kind of government that we now have in office.

    By the way, I never hear a good word about the Coalition on the streets, but the media are not listening to the real people - the very people they're supposed to represent, which is why they will fall like everyone else when this 'damned' government get to work on their savage cuts.

    Mark my words, this government will make sure that people don't have any money to spend - we're all going to be a lot poorer and when that happens as surely it will - there will be less businesses to advertise with newspapers and TV, which means lots of job losses, including reporters.

    I suppose some reporters in North Wales have been talking to some of those old hunt crusties that call animal lovers a joke. Well, they can think what they like, we're not afraid to monitor their sick activities and that makes us dangerous to them!.


    **Thu 02 Sep 10**

    Comments below from WAAC's patron Brian May

    Well, seeing Tony Blair's Memoirs in the news has jerked me out my silence.

    Reading this stuff has disgusted me so much I think I will have to write my own memoirs.

    I have to say that the biggest disappointment in my limited experience of politics is Tony Blair.

    When he came to power, how we all smiled and sighed with relief ... "At last, a decent, nice man, an ordinary man, a man who has a boyish innocent charm, even plays the guitar, and is obviously much too down-to-Earth to indulge in the kind of Empire-building and skullduggery that has characterised politicians to us in the recent past". I met him, early on, excited, and shook hands with him ... full of hope that this man would do the decent thing in all circumstances. A bunch of photographers gathered around to record the moment.

    A few years later, I found myself beside him at the launch of a scheme (half-baked, as it turned out) which was going to empower people to make as much mess and pollution in the world as they liked, as long as they purchased units of "cool", to compensate. Blair and his mates had endorsed this scheme, and Tony himself had just made an excellent speech, convincing us all that here was something which was going to banish the terrible threat of Global Warming in the twinkling of an eye. He had come over to say hello, and presented, as before, a very pleasant and affable face. This time, as I noticed a swarm of photographers gathering, a feeling of extreme unease crept over me. If I shook hands with this man now, smiling as one does at a social occasion if one is reasonably polite, the photo would be there for all time, apparently saying "Here's Brian May publicly endorsing a man and his works ... including illegally and immorally invading a virtually defenceless country, smashing its culture and its infrastructure, and causing the unnecessary death of thousands of men, women and children." I could not in conscience do that. So I said something like "Hello - excellent speech" and did not take the required step forwards; this allowed about half a dozen delegates to step forward in my place, who obviously WANTED to have their picture taken with Prime Minister Blair. There is no political figure in my lifetime in whom I had had more hope and trust, and in whom I felt such a bitter disappointment.

    Of course, I had also noticed many other things along the way about our nice Prime Minister which looked suspect, including the fact that he disappeared at the time the vote was being held on the introduction of the Hunting Ban - which to me at the time seemed a rather cowardly omission on his part.

    There's a load more stuff. But I suppose I nursed the hope that, in fact, Tony had taken part in the invasion of Iraq as a means of moderating the warmonger Bush. And that he actually had some very important reason to be elsewhere when the whole future of Britain's wild animals was being determined. And ...

    Well, the Blair Memoirs certainly scotched all that. Very cleverly, of course, Tony has announced his intention to give away the royalties of his book to help the veterans and dependents of the Iraq war. Cleverly? I am a writer too ... and I can tell you if you are not Harry Potter it is not a very lucrative profession .. so, well, forgive me, but I am not the first to point out that the relatively small amount of money he would have made from the book might be seen as a small price to pay to secure his precious 'legacy'.

    Remorse? I don't see it. I don't feel it, reading the book.

    And then there is his light-hearted account of the fox-hunting issue. This I found disgusting, not just because his behaviour was a betrayal of hundreds of thousands of our beautiful wild creatures, but because, even by his own admission, he sabotaged his own government's bill. He paid lip-service to a cause which he did not believe in, and seems smugly proud of the fact that he ended up with a situation which pleased no-one. Even if he had come out and said "Look, I've changed my mind - I no longer believe in this act" one could have a shred of respect for him. But no; the book describes how he desperately wriggled, and squirmed, and tried to find a way of backing out without being seen to lose face. A man so desperate to please everyone and to be thought a hero, he took the cowardly way out ... simply turned his back at the last minute. It's so lame. He relates it in a rather jocular, condescending way ... as if it were some kind of silly game, rather than about the suffering of animals.

    But the most shameful part is yet to come. Having tried to make his own legislation ineffective (and failed even at that), he did something so disgraceful, that the true essence of the man leaks through.

    So, as the final below-the belt blow to the hopes of thousands of caring individuals who had spent years of their energies trying to put fox-hunting where it belongs, alongside Slavery, Bear-Baiting, and burning witches at the stake ... he robbed his own police force of the balls to enforce the law properly.

    I found all this so shocking I could hardly speak for most of today, going about my business. I guess someone like Tony Blair thinks that, like Richard Nixon, he can come out and confess his lameness and dishonesty because it's all in the past, and we will love him anyway - it wasn't really serious, was it? It all turned out fine, right?

    But here was a man going around telling the world he supported a cause, but actually hiding the truth - that his belief was gone, and he was going to try to torpedo any good effect that might come out of the crusade to get a better deal for animals. No remorse for the fox-cubs who are this moment being fed alive to packs of trainee hounds, to give them the taste of blood. But would you expect remorse for this from someone who can't even express remorse for causing the loss of thousands of innocent human lives? How silly of me ... they're only animals, right? ... and this country cares too much about animals, right?

    Yes, Blair's Prime Ministership is in the past. But who could ever trust a man like that again?


    Well said Brian, you said it all!

    From Chris Gale re Tony Blairs sabotage of the hunting act
    As a Labour party member and animal welfare campaigner I am quite appalled by the stand taken by Tony Blair as revealed his book published today. Those of us inside the party need to speak up strongly for the ban and the values it represents and make it clear that Mr Blair's appalling remarks are not supported by the majority of Labour members or the country at large.Many of us a long time ago knew that Blair never wanted the ban but for him to make these remarks in this high profile book just weeks before a possible vote on repeal is quite dreadful.
    It will give the hunters a huge boost.

    Online reports of the content of the book show that Mr Blair deliberately set out to sabotage the Hunting Act having never wanted it in the first place:

    Mr Blair said he deliberately sabotaged the 2004 Hunting Act to ensure there were enough loopholes to allow hunting to continue.

    • He also told then-Home Office minister Hazel Blears to steer police away from enforcing the law.
    • Mr Blair said he also had a bet with Prince Charles that fox hunting would continue

    During a trip to Italy he spoke to the mistress of a hunt near Oxford he realised banning hunting was the 'wrong thing to do.'

    "She took me calmly and persuasively through what they did, the jobs that were dependent on it, the social contribution of keeping the hunt and the social consequence of banning it and did it with an effect that completely convinced me," Mr Blair said.

    I have sent the following letter to various papers:

     Tony Blair (report 1 Sept) says he regrets the ban on hunting with dogs. The ban, which has huge public support,outlawed the vicious so-called sports of hare coursing, fox hunting and stag hunting.Mr Blair then goes on to accuse Gordon Brown of lacking emotional intelligence.By saying banning cruelty for fun was the wrong thing to do I think it is quite clear who is lacking in emotional intelligence and it certainly is not Gordon Brown.
    Chris Gale

    Many of us fighting for animals knew early on that Tony Blair was a liar and a traitor - not just to his own party but the many people who voted for him on the promise of a hunt ban.  And now we have the truth in his own biography.

    Blair mixed with hunters and he now tells the world that he never wanted the ban on fox hunting, infact when he could not control the passage of the act - he made damn sure there were enough loopholes to allow rich and cruel hunts to continue. And just to reinforce this - he told Hazel Blears to steer the police away from enforcing the law.

    Blair even wrote that the ban was “a masterly British compromise, that left enough loopholes to allow hunting to continue, provided certain steps were taken to avoid cruelty when the fox is killed.” What on earth is he talking about? How can cruelty to a fox being killed by dogs be avoided? Would Blair like that kind of death for himself? And why did he ignore the Burn's Report that concluded that foxes were only a minor nuisance and so did not deserve being tormented to a horrible end for the gratification the few?

    Blair's actions were tantamount to corruption on a level that makes politics just about as filthy as it's possible to get. In other words, war monger and liar Tony Blair does not just have the blood of countless men, women and children on his hands, he also has the suffering of many defenceless animals too!.

    This evil politician betrayed good people and for this he will never be forgiven and so why is he now being made a Lord when the majority in this country despises him?

    If ever there was a time for politicians to clean up  their act and get some compassion on the agenda, it's now!.


    YouTube Help Centre | email options | report spam


    has replied to your comment on Hunting Song - The Foxhunter:
    Believe me, we are not usally violent (except to animals or anyone who gets in our way) - you just keep off our turf! We dont start turning up at your football matches so keep away from us. Who do you think you are insulting us? The fact is you would s**t yourself if you were to find yourself defenceless in a volatile situation. Just knock on a fox hunters door and we will show you!

    Sounds like a threat to me? Typical of hunt thugs who get pleasure tormenting defenceless animals to death.

    Waac received this email from a colleague and thought it deserved attention.

    Could you PLEASE put out an appeal on your website for donations to Hen Heaven.
    I don't quite know how to describe this place.  It's an utter tip but is run by Linda, the most dedicated person I know.  She has 200 chickens and cockerels and 60 turkeys,  nearly all of whom are crowded into a grotty big building, although with enough space to get around, procreate and seemingly enjoy themselves.  The reason they are indoors is because the place is replete with foxes who, in the past, when Linda had the birds outside, kept killing them.  She has been running this place virtually on her own for about 20 years.  She has no house but sleeps in a horrid old van. she has been saving for fourteen years for a strong, high fence to be erected.  This will cost £33,000 but she has only reached £16,000.
    Mike and I went to help out with odd jobs yesterday and we couldn't believe the state of the place.  Linda is about to go into hospital for a very serious operation and will be unable to see her precious birds for about three weeks.  She is having horrendous things done to her jaw and may be unable to speak for a while and certainly will be unable to eat.    The birds are beautiful and loved.  I especially adored the wonderful turkeys who are so soft to stroke.
    When I think of all the money floating around in this country it makes me so mad that this fantastic woman is struggling with all her might to look after these rescued birds.  Linda used to be a sab but can no longer run.  She is the epitome of the dedicated, heroic AR person and is, of course, a vegan.
    Can you please use all your persuasive powers to drum up money for her.  If we had money we would put in a few thousand ourselves.  She said that a few years ago Paul McCartney was made to pull down a solid wooden lodge he had built in his garden (by the council).  She wrote and asked him if he would donate it to Hen Heaven.  Guess what?  She didn't even receive a reply.  Mind you, I doubt if he ever gets to read the letters people write to him.
    The address is Hen Heaven, Squirrels Farm, Stonepit Lane, Henfield, West Sussex.  It would be wonderful if cheques came rolling in.
    Lots of love
    Naomi and Mike xx 

     thought you might be interested in the work of internationally renowned artist Ruth Norbury. Ruth specialises in animal rights issues and has recently produced a piece about the badger cull in Wales .

    Ruth is currently also running a competition to win one of her embroideries with 20% of the profits going towards an animal rescue group.

    Please visit www.ruthnorbury.com to take a look


    Subject: Fw: Catherine wants you to take action on "JUSTICE FOR MIMI ... PREGNANT - DOUSED WITH GASOLINE"!
    OMG how terrible. I am lost for words.
    Subject: Catherine wants you to take action on "JUSTICE FOR MIMI ... PREGNANT - DOUSED WITH GASOLINE"!
    Catherine Cardozo has just read and signed the petition: JUSTICE FOR MIMI ... PREGNANT - DOUSED WITH GASOLINEYou can view this petition at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/tell-a-friend/7603861Message from Catherine Cardozo:
    Hi, I signed the petition "JUSTICE FOR MIMI ... PREGNANT - DOUSED WITH GASOLINE". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 5,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.----- ThePetitionSite.com provides tools and empowers individuals to make a difference and effect positive change through online activism. Get connected with the causes you care about, take action to make the world a better place, and start your own petition at http://www.ThePetitionSite.com!ThePetitionSite.com is powered by Care2, the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference in their lives and the world. www.care2.com



    Hi, Judi. How's it going? I hope everything's fine there!
    My album was released this june18 and I put the address of your site in the booklet of the CD. I would like to send you a copy of the album!
    Also, I was interviewed by the german magazine READY 2 ROCK and the interview will be available in its next edition early august, I think.
    Here is the part of the interview that I spoken my point of view regarding the animal rights issues and about your beautiful work on it!
    Ps: The interview will be translated and published in german. ( http://www.ready-2-rock.de/index.html )

    "9-You are very dedicated to animal protection projects. Please tell me about this projects. What kind of projects are this and how did you take notice of the topic? What is your special concern about that?

    JS- Man, thank you for asking, I really love when people aske me about it. I just love animals and I have a deep respect for all kind of living creature of God. If I do not understand them, I try to respect them even more. Recently I spent to support a beautiful campaign promoted by Judi Hewitt named "Wales Against The Animal Cruelty" (www.walesagainstanimalcruelty.org.uk) and it's also supported by Brian May, from Queen band and his fondation SAVE ME (against fox hunting). But I always did my part, anonymously. I was created in a small town and my parents owned a small ranch with a few horses. I learned in my very early days about the meaning of love and compassion for any kind of life. We must respect life if we want to be respected for the life. This is my religion. Unless we get learn how to love the animals that need us to provide them some quality of life, once we already insert them into our society, we never will find peace for our hearts and souls and the world peace, so dreamed for all, will be only a fair tale that never will happen. Because it's about the human being. Wales Against Animal Cruelty, fight, among other animal rights, against the terrible situation regarding  the fox hunting. It's unacceptable that in modern society that we live today, there is still some space for traditions of torture involving animals that have their own rights to live. All for the men's pleasure and fun! Recently I took note of a trophy hunter who killed the last male desert lion in Namibia. This especial species will be eradicated from our world and our children will probably never have the chance to know how they were or to learn how they lived. This seems to me kinda monstrous. The man who preaches the peace in the world, kill in a cold blood way, the life that surrounds him. It works like this: Where there is reasonable cause to defend the right to life, I go there and try to do my part. It's not that much, I know. Wish I could do more, but it's a start! "

    Judi, just for you to know, I am really missing my sweet VICTORIA yet, I can't wake up in the morning without a deepest feeling of her in every where, all around. It's tough!

    But my  schedule has kept me involved in lot of work, and it helps sometimes!

    Well my dear, Judi. Have a great time and I wish you all the best, peace, and love!



    Many thanks Joey,  for spreading the word throughout the world for defenceless animals.
    As for your beautiful Victoria - she will never leave your side, love is the most powerful emotion of all - it unites all who embrace it, be they human or animal. I believe it is why we are here, to bring light to the world!
    Emotions such as hatred cannot last - they wither and die in this life along with those which feed on them!. 

    Good luck with your latest album.

    Comments needed on this American article, he talks usual nonsense about 'liberty'.
    Note his last sentence,'possibly I will even join in the fray. Though if I do, I shall ride at the back of the hunt. I would not want to incite a dog to carnage.'
    http://www.nysun.com/opinion/foxes-hounds-and-liberty/87025/ Edit Text


    Dear Mr Crosby, (Area Manager, North Wales Area Office)
    I sent the following email (appeal) some weeks ago and have not received any acknowledgment. I am of course appealing against the letter you sent to me, since it does not satisfy my concerns regarding the disturbing case of a fox we found mutilated by dogs in the Clogaenog. I was also very concerned that Mr Ellis, your employee and a former fox hunter, has been given the role of monitoring fox hunting in the area. My impression of Mr Irwin Ellis, after speaking with him, was that he was very biased in favour of the hunters. To my mind, giving Mr Ellis the job of overseeing fox hunting in the area was a bit like putting a bank robber in charge of the bank. His explanation of how hunts operate was a very weak one and it was one that I'm sure he hoped I would swallow. Just like Mr Ellis, I too have seen many gunpacks operate, but I was never on some jolly to see foxes killed, I was there by accident, trying to enjoy a relaxing walk.
    Mr Ellis whole attitude towards me was to say the least, aggressive. He tried to tell me that he understood how fox hunts operate and that hounds are naturally aggressive (which may be true to a point) but the fact is young hounds like all dogs vary in their aggressiveness and some will show less aptitude to kill than others which is why they need to be trained up to be brutal in order to be more effective when hunting. See the following quote from a hunt master of the Beaufort hunt. "Never lose sight of the fact that one really well-beaten cub killed fair and square is worth half a dozen fresh ones killed the moment they are found without hounds having to set themselves to the task. It is essential that hounds should have their blood up and learn to be savage with their fox before he is killed."
    So as you can see from the above quote, Mr Ellis was quite wrong to suggest that hunts use their integrity when killing foxes. All hunters do is use the fox in some grim game of seek and shoot. Never mind that many will be injured and go off to die a slow and lingering death (of infection) while others are riddled with shot, then caught and finished off by hounds. And for what? So that these so called hunters can bolster their flagging ego's?
    My hope is that after this horrific fox killing, serious precautions are now being under taken by the FC, to prevent another fox suffering the same terrible tortured death.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Judi Hewitt


    My name is Wendy J Wells, l am writing to you as l feel and hope you would be interested (and hopefully willing to help) in my quest against certain animal cruelty conditions on the ITV programmes lm a celebrity get me out of here and The Door.
     While I have no objection to the actual programmes, in fact with regard to the I.A.C.G.M.O.O.H. programme sticking a bunch of pampered celebrities into a dirty jungle with no agents or luxuries IS quite funny, BUT... I AM disgusted at the continual escalating abuse this programme and their pilot 2part programme The Door is allowed to carry out against the various animals used in both programmes, most especially the arthropod species (insects) which are squashed, or eaten by their thousands over the course of the series, purely for "entertainment" purposes with little if any regard that arthropods are just as important in the world as any other kind of animal, in fact if we had no arthropods in this world we would not survive.
        l know that there are certain countries that eat insects of different types on a daily basis but this is done as part of their culture or diet not for the purpose of so called "entertainment", l personally don't find it entertaining l find it quite upsetting that animals can be treated so cruelly and with virtually no respect.
       Both programmes are made by Granada Productions who have an office facility at ITV studios in London, after numerous emails, letters and phone calls to both ITV and Granada had got me no where l decided to protest outside the studios in London in Feb. of this year, it wasn't to be one of my better ideas as it was freezing cold, very wet and extremely uncomfortable for the week l was there.
       But I was eventually given a piece of ITV headed paper and told that this was the email address of the executive producer of  Im a celebrity  (The Door hadn't been aired at that time) and that they had requested that I go home and email them what problems I had with Im a celeb and what I wanted to have happen.
     I therefor agreed to comply with the request and went home to email her and explained how I felt regards to the way animals were treated on Im a celeb and requested a meeting with at least one or two of the producers of the programme, despite the fact that she had requested and was expecting my email she still took almost 3weeks to reply, even then it seemed to be a basic orchestrated reply saying how they had animal welfare people like the new south wales S.P.C.A. and insect wranglers ( no, I have no idea what insect wranglers are) at the site where "bushtucker trials" were performed etc and how they did everything possible to be aware of the animals welfare's each time.
      I tried asking how it was in the insects welfare's to be squashed or eaten alive or in the baby crocs welfare's to have their mouths taped up for periods of time for "trials" but got no reply so decided to resume my protest back outside the ITV studios, especially when a few days after the reply the ITV showed a 2part pilot show by the same company called The Door which was filmed in the uk and presented by Chris Tarrant who hypocritically happens to be a patron of a wildlife sanctuary and rescue centre in Surrey??.
      As with the protest in February I resumed my protest on the 17th of May and stayed outside the studios in London in a tent until the 17th of June when I was sent an email offering me a meeting with the top executive of both programmes, I lost quite a bit of weight and suffered quite badly during my ordeal but my determination never faltered.
       At the meeting on the 29th June I did my very best to persuade the three producers of the programmes that it was immoral and cruel to continue abusing the animals used in the two programmes, I also showed them the evidence to prove that this wasn't just my views on this including over 1000 signatures that l had gathered over the two protests, plus a number of emails in support of what l was trying to do including some from a number of animal welfare organisations.
    Despite all this evidence they seemed steadfast in their ideas that they were within the guidelines for animal use and tv acceptance, they have given me until the end of Friday the 9th to forward any remaining emails, signatures, etc. to them before they make a definite decision, but as it stands at the moment its not looking good so l am desperately looking for help in trying to make them change their views and am begging for your help in achieving this so as to stop this awful treatment of animals in these programmes, including taping mouths of baby crocs, or in the case of The Door taunting dogs in cages with food tied to celebs crawling outside of the cages out of their reach. celebs being made to ride horses down very deep ravines +across a river with a fast currant and water up to the horses backs all but one of the celebs with virtually no experience of horse riding and only basic instructions after having barely recovered from jumping out of a plane.( l can email you more of the things l disagree with in a further email if requested) 
      Please help me with your expertise and experience so that my two gruelling protests totalling 6+ weeks won't be for nothing and will stop these awful uses of animals for so called "entertainment" can be stopped.
      Should you wish to contact me direct my phone number is 07789643916 thank you for sparing the time to read this I'm sorry it was a bit long but I was trying to show the background to what I've done so far.
        I do hope you can help me in some way, I shall keep on with this venture of mine until I succeed in stopping this cruelty, which also gives impressionable, vulnerable children the message that animals can be used in this way as long as its "entertaining," its not entertaining its cruel and wrong.
     l have copy pasted links to my facebook group page, the newspapers that ran an article on me plus a link to info re The Door.
                                                        best wishes
    supported so far by
    Buglife    Animal Aid    Scotland for Animals  Advocates for Animals   Born Free Foundation   World Horse Welfare   Remus   Animal Concern   Animals Count   Noahs Ark   B.E.N.H.S   I.S.A.R
     and lastly the South London press    http://www.southlondon-today.co.uk/tn/News.cfm?id=19894&headline=Animal%20lover%20protests%20in%20Southwark

    Hi Wendy,
    Any way we can help you with this sickening abuse for entertainment is of course without question. I will put the word around via WAAC's website
    I will put your email up on the comments page. Let me know what further assistance we can be? Obviously, we must all write to the producers to complain about the fact they use animals in cruel ways for sensationalism. 
    Perhaps we should also contact the SPCA to tell them that this programme tries to persuade the public that animals are disgusting things to be afraid of - in other words, it gives the impression that animals can be abused because many are not nice. This programme does nothing to educate, it actually does the opposite.
    Take care,


    CONSPIRACY. My remarks are in in red.
    LAST week Mrs Hewitt used the RSPCA and a forensic examiner to back up her fantasy over how this fox died. These so called experts could not actually see that this was an adult vixen and not a cub. (under my instruction, this particular newspaper never called the fox a cub) There is no evidence to suggest this fox was attacked by hounds but a discussion and conclusion which Mrs Hewitt wanted to believe.
    I have my own idea of what might have happened. Maybe an animal rights activist found a dead fox and seeing an opportunity ties a piece of string around a leg, take a picture, make a few phone calls and gets great press coverage, very clever. (if that's not accusing me, I don't know what is?)
    There is no real evidence how this fox died, just theories which suit some peoples agenda.


    I had a two weeks of hell after finding the little fox in the Clogaenog forest and so the suggestion (Letters, June 24th) that I fantasised by deliberately tying up the leg of a fox for publicity, is sick and nasty! It's like rubbing salt in an already gaping wound.  It bothers me that someone could stoop so low to write such a cruel accusation? Obviously one that thinks foxes deserve being cruelly abused.

    Plus why would I still be going to the trouble of putting up posters (weekly) around the area where she was found. Posters that are being systematically removed close the village of Llanfairhangl, even though they remain intact in other area's of the forest.

    And surely I would have come up a huge reward instead of the £1,000 being offered. I may be many things, but a liar I'm not! Plus a liar always gets found out! People must think that being a campaigner I must have become hardened to the cruelty, but it still tears me apart to this day. It's why I still campaign with such vigour and without funds to help me. I give up my time and money to help animals that are being unfairly treated and abused. If anonymous wants verification about the murdered fox, then he/she should contact RSPCA Inspector Fred Armstrong who saw the body, or contact Police Wildlife Officer Mike Butlin from North Wales Police who has been in charge of the case. The police are in possession of the rope and this little vixen's remains have now been laid to rest, with respect.
    Oh and by the way, I think a CSI who was there at the time this vixen was discovered would have more idea about how this little fox died than some nasty, snidy, pro-hunt supporter who was not even there! don't you?
    Whoever was responsible for the torture of this fox is clearly a sadist and a coward, and I am neither.  However, the anonymous correspondent who inferred that I would stoop to staging such a stunt for publicity is certainly the latter, if not the former. 

    Anyone with information can email me with information in confidence - waac@rocketmail.com 
    And please check my website
    www.walesagainstanimalcruelty.org.uk  if the public want to see clear photo's of this little fox, they can find them on WAAC's Latest News page.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Judi Hewitt


    22nd June 2010


    Dear Mrs Hewitt


    Complaint about maladministration by a member of Forestry Commission Wales' Staff


    I refer to your three e-mails of 26th May 2010: the first sent to me, an amended version and a variant (in the form of a complaint) both sent via our website enquiry system.


    I am the Local Area Manager for the Hiraethog Area that includes Clocaenog Forest.  I was on annual leave at the time of your original enquiry and you were accordingly referred to our Forest Supervisor, Irwin Ellis.  As Irwin’s line manager, I am responding to your complaint as outlined in our letter (by e-mail) from Julia Lloyd, Complaints Recording Officer 27th May 2010.


    I understand from your correspondence that you thought that a forester could be involved in animal cruelty/wildlife crime related to the dead fox you found near an entrance to Clocaenog Forest and that when you made this suggestion to Irwin he either became angry or threatened legal action.


    I have subsequently carried out an interview with Irwin, as part of our internal investigation.  Irwin had a good recollection of your conversation and recalled that he asked you for clarification as to whether you were accusing a forester of involvement in animal cruelty/wildlife crime and clearly remembers you saying you were not but that you suspected this.  He remembers informing you that because of your suspicions he would need to escalate this further up the management chain as any suggestion that staff could be involved in illegal activity would need a proper and full investigation.


    Forestry Commission Wales (FCW) has not been able to examine the fox so I can offer no comment on the likelihood of it being subjected to animal cruelty/wildlife crime, nor of it having been set upon by dogs.  Irwin remembers trying to explain what may have happened to the fox.  He also remembers discussing the exemption in the Hunting Act 2004 that allows a maximum of two dogs to be used for flushing foxes to guns.  Irwin recalls that you questioned why FCW allows hunting to take place under the exempt hunting provisions and he explained that this is considered necessary to control fox population levels for the purpose of preventing or reducing serious damage, which they would otherwise cause to livestock.


    FCW as a public body operates in an unbiased wayand only allows exempt hunting through the issue and monitoring of exempt hunting licences to hunts that are affiliated members of the Federation of Welsh Packs or who can comply with the principal requirements of the Master Agreement between FCW and the Federation.


    Irwin is FCWs lead contact for any of the FCW permitted hunts and farmers around Clocaenog Forest and he does know many of them well.  He would have a good knowledge of their integrity in relation to hunting and is responsible for monitoring legal exempt hunting activities on our land.  Irwin has been involved in fox hunting in the past and has followed fox hunting in the Conwy Valley on many occasions.  He does not own any dogs and does not bring a dog to work.  He was talking to you on a hands free unit from his van with the window open and it is therefore possible that you heard dogs barking in the background, as there are many farms with dogs around the forest.  I have asked Irwin about his reference to the baler twine used on the fox’s leg and he explained to me that once a fox has been shot, rope/string/baler twine etc is sometimes used to carry the fox away.


    From my investigations I have been unable to identify any evidence of maladministration in this instance.  I am truly sorry that you had the unhappy experience of finding the dead fox and can understand how distressing it was for you.  I have asked Irwin and all local area staff to be extra vigilant in their travels around the forest and to report any suspicious behaviour or dead animals they may find.  I hope this reassures you.  Please do get in touch with me if your own monitoring reveals anything untoward.


    If you are dissatisfied with this response or feel that it is inaccurate or insufficient, you are entitled to request a further review by writing to Steve Cresswell, Forest District Manager steve.cresswell@forestry.gov.uk within one month of the date of this letter.  You should set out clearly why you are not satisfied with this response.


    Yours sincerely

    Steve Crosby

    Local Area Manager - Hiraethog

    Coed y Gororau Forest District


    Hi Steve,
    I've spoken with a few people with knowledge of Welsh Packs and they know
    nothing about foxes being tied up after being shot to remove them. In fact
    they laughed at the suggestion that a gun pack would bother to tie up the
    leg of a fox. One of my colleague's who has worked undercover with a notorious pack in
    Mid Wales to gather evidence of cruelty has said he has never heard of this
    happening to a fox.
    I had a forensic examiner with me when I found the fox and his thoughts were that this
    vixen showed no signs of having been shot, but there was substantial
    evidence that she had been tied down and attacked by dogs. The two loops at
    the end of the twine was also proof that she had been tied down. If she had been
    attacked by a pack, then she would have incurred injuries to her upper
    body. Another point worth mentioning is that the bloodied injuries to her
    lower body and tied up leg showed signs of her having been alive when she
    was attacked. If she had been predated on after death, there would have been
    no blood spatter and she would have had chunks taken from her whole body. As
    it was, she looked perfect apart from the awful injuries to her under belly
    and back leg. The tied up leg was undamaged, apart from where the rope had
    been tied.
    I attach a couple of photo's of the little vixen I found. These photo's were
    taken the day after we found her remains. The RSPCA met with us in the
    forest and concurred with us that it looked like she had been tied down and
    set upon by working/hunting dogs.
    Another concern for me is that gun packs are useless without a pack, so how
    can hunts be successful using just two dogs? In the words of a gun pack
    pre-ban, using two dogs to flush to guns is completely useless! It's like
    looking for a needle in a haystack. But to use a pack in a forest area would
    also split the pack.
    At the end of the day, I am very concerned that cruelty is being allowed to
    happen in the Clogaenog/Hiraethog area and so I will be taking my video
    camera out with me every time I venture into parts of this forest.
    I'm not one for quitting as anyone who knows me will tell you. This little
    fox died a horrible death and the sick people who did this are still out
    there ready to do this again. It turns my stomach that evil is being allowed
    to get away with it, and worse, possibly have the blessing of some in the
    forestry!. And as for fox predation, I'm staggered that FCW are still
    allowing hunting with dogs (even two dogs??) when far more lambs die as a
    result of dog attacks and bad husbandry every year, than by any fox. Out of
    475 farms across the whole of Wales that were surveyed (a few years ago)
    about fox predation - in four years, only thirteen lambs were thought to
    have succumbed to fox predation. Says it all really! Any excuse for some
    people to kill for fun.
    Judi Hewitt

    Note - Strange that the FCW state that they operate in an unbiased way, yet gives a former fox hunter (not repented) the job of over seeing fox hunting in the area. It's a bit like putting a paedophile in charge of children! Plus if this fox had been hunted out of season, then why did the FCW not mention this in their letter to me? Hunts are supposed to give times and dates to the Forestry before embarking on a fox killing spree, and so I would have thought the Commission would have known if any hunting had been allowed on Forestry land.
    And let's not forget that the majority of the British public abhor fox hunting, so you may ask, why is this government funded organisation still supporting obscene cruelty?